Cherry Chimes receives regular inquiries about marketing on the site and we are happy to offer the opportunity for local companies in particular to support the blog and to help them reach AFCB supporters.

Adverts on the blog can highlight the main activities of your business, contact details and special offers you may have as well as providing a direct link to your website. You can have an animated image or a static picture.

We have some attractive prices for those seeking to have their company featured on Cherry Chimes either on the right-hand side panel or at the bottom of the blog.

In the last month we have had more than 50,000 views.

Readership page views per month:

Nov 57,347
Dec 62,863

Jan 54,763
Feb 59,194
Mar 46,468
Apr 51,521
May 52,410
June 57,107
July 59, 163
Aug 79, 882
Sept 64, 696
Oct 62, 239
Nov 52,640
Dec 50,800

Since its creation, total views on the blog reached 3,919,782 at the end of December 2020. (see total count in the side panel for running total).

We are constantly looking for ways to boost our profile and to attract new readers to the blog. The addition of our articles being listed on football 
news engine sites such as Newsnow, Football Spider, iBournemouthApp, and Gladiator Football which are also driving our profile.

You can book an advert on the site at any time. Most advertisers choose to run their advert for a calendar year from the day they start. Shorter periods for advertisement displays are also available - 1 month or 3 months.

To obtain a list of the prices or to contact me, email Peter Bell at:

You can also subscribe here to our Newsletter service for advertisers that gives you more information about Cherry Chimes' readership and monthly posts.

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Our daily readership is growing, much to our delight, and we aim to keep improving the service to attract greater numbers of AFCB fans. 

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