Saturday, 15 August 2020

Does Francis warrant another year at AFCB

When I saw what relegation meant to Simon Francis I was even more gutted from him than almost anyone else at AFCB. He has been battling with injuries since he had that terrible cruciate ligament break a couple of seasons ago on Boxing Day and he knows very well that time is running out for him to play competitive games.

Simon Francis has the desire to keep going - will Tindall use his services?
Jason has a hard decision to make on whether to keep Francis going for another season. If any of the senior players such as Surman, Francis or Daniels runs out in an AFCB shirt again, I think most of the fans will be very impressed that they want to continue. Francis is the captain though and to lose him now might be a mistake with such a tough campaign ahead. If Bournemouth were still in the Premier League, I don't think Francis would find it so easy to make a case. However, his experience would be helpful in the Championship, even if the number of games he could play might be limited.

With Nathan Aké leaving the club, there is more room in central defence. Steve Cook and Lloyd Kelly would be hard for Francis to shift, but he could probably battle with Jack Simpson for a place behind Chris Mepham. It is not much for an experienced captain but we know how injuries can mount up and being fourth or fifth choice might be enough for Francis if he makes five or six appearances in a season.

Tindall has similar decisions to make with Andrew Surman who has been a stalwart midfielder for Eddie Howe. Surman will also feel he is down the pecking order a little. That is not quite the same with Charlie Daniels who has been injured, but was the number on left back before his injury. Only time will tell if he is still the player he was before that Man City home game last season when he was last injured.

If Jason Tindall sees how much Francis and Surman want to keep playing for AFCB, I believe he ill give them contracts. If not to say thanks, then because he won't want to bring in three players just to replace them when he will probably already have to look for replacements for Aké, Callum Wilson and Josh King, if they go.

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Friday, 14 August 2020

Striker hunt for AFCB - a priority?

With rumours about Callum Wilson and Josh King potentially leaving the club for the likes of Spurs and PSG respectively, it currently rests on Dominic Solanke and Sam Surridge to form a partnership and get some goals if Bournemouth's main strike pairing do leave.
Have we seen Callum Wilson and Josh King in an AFCB shirt for the last time?
Bournemouth have not been linked with many strikers. The news that Aston Villa were interested in Callum Wilson did mention a possible swap with Scott Hogan. I am not sure if the Cherries have a big potential list of strikers, but I would hope that they do have some on a list that they are looking to go after. My worry is that they will leave it late in the day to try and bring in signings and by that time AFCB's squad could have been reduced by three or four more players.

While we haven't seen much of the Sam Surridge/Dominic Solanke potential strike force, I think it could work reasonably well in the Championship. We know that Sam can score goals at the level and the probability of Solanke being the senior partner in the partnership might just give him the focus and drive he needs to continue his recent good form.

Ideally, AFCB will need four or five strikers in the Championship with the amount of games they'll have. They picked a real class act with Yan Kermorgant last time they were there and that kind of powerful striker would be a good addition. Bournemouth may have to be a bit more adaptive to seeing some more headed goals than we have been used to in the Premier League, and I think the squad could do with a few more robust players anyway.

Hopefully, Surridge and Solanke get a chance to show their abilities but the search for one or to more strikers surely has to be a priority for Tindall.

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In other news, for Cherry Mark Molseley becomes the manager of Southend Utd

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Was Tindall the best choice for the Bournemouth job?

I have been pondering whether Jason Tindall really was the best man for the Bournemouth job. I am sure the fans will get behind him and his some will certainly be expecting results and will keep him on his toes, if no one else does. But the fact that Tindall walked into the job with very little competition, from what we could see, does make his appointment seem like a quick fix in a moment of need.

Was Tindall really the only person for the job?
Let's qualify a few things. JT has been assistant manager to Eddie Howe since 2008 and he must have had some ambition to be his own man in that period. I can't believe Eddie and him saw eye-to-eye on everything that has happened in the last decade, even if it has been tremendously successful for AFC Bournemouth and the management duo. At some point a number two has to step out and try and be a number one, and we really don't know how much of an influence JT is with the players and the way the team plays. Now we get to see if he was in Eddie's shadow and could have done a better job or not.
It is a calculated risk by AFCB. 'Better the devil you know' as they say compared to bringing in someone completely new. It may well have been more refreshing to bring in a new manager, but I think with the swift turn downs the club were getting from managers who were being linked with the post through the media, that it was decided to move on quickly with JT. Their decision may prove correct, or it may become a decision that we see was a life ring rather than a appointment to take the club forward.

I have no beef with JT getting the job, I hope and pray he does well. But I am yet to be convinced that he was the right man for the job. I expect that view is shared by some. But JT has the position and it would be fantastic if he does well. I am not sue he will be able o attract the best young players, but if he can keep most of the squad together and the team gets off to a good start, it could be the January window when we get a clearer idea of whether JT was really the best person. That is when the club will clearly see how it is doing in the Championship and whether players want to come to work with JT. So the pressure is on for JT. He has to show he is the best pick between now and the end of the year.

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In other news, Alex Dobre has been sold to Dijon FCO

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

"No need for a fire sale at AFCB," says Tindall

Jason Tindall has had his first major interview with SkySports and has stressed that it won't be a fire sale at AFC Bournemouth this summer, as the club isn't in the position where it needs to sell eight or nine players. It was brave words, but we don't know how much weight we can put behind them apart from the fact that Tindall says he wouldn't be the manager of the club was going to sell its best players.
Will players be old from underneath Jason Tindall? He says they won't.
Whether AFCB will now be tested in that we will have to wait and see. If the valuations for top players are met though as we saw with Nathan Aké, there is little the club can do if the players are partial to playing in a different league. Tindall seems to think many of the players want to stay and the club and try and win promotion back to the Premier League. I can see that being an incentive for some of the older players who want to give it one more crack, but those players that have been targeted by other clubs are going to be looking at their pay packets and what a season in the Championship would mean for their lifestyles.

True enough, Bournemouth is a lovely place to play football. But does the town and the players that have said they want to stay make it more compelling for others to stay, with Tindall now as the new manager? Do some of them feel that they owe the club nothing now that Eddie Howe has left? Jason Tindall has much work to do to convince several stars to stay, even though they are in long-term contracts.

What we do need to see is some movement on new signings coming in. The squad has to be improved and I'm intrigued to see what level of signings Bournemouth will make. The first one will set the standard and show the level of the club's intention. Then we will see if Tindall is making a big attempt to get promoted, or whether this could be another difficult season ahead for the Cherries.


Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Player of the year was never in doubt at AFCB

I suspect that it was the easiest Player of the Year decision that Bournemouth have had in a few seasons in 2019-20. Aaron Ramsdale fully deserved his award, but some of the other missing names from the top five might reveal a little about what the fans think about those players' performances last season.
Aaron Ramsdale picks up AFCB's player of the year for 2019-20.
It was good to see Nathan Aké in clear second on 32.02 per cent, behind Ramsdale's 46.83 per cent, but these two players really dominated the vote. That may seem strange to outsiders when Bournemouth let in 65 goals. But the tackles Akee made and the saves Ramsdale made were top class.
I was pleasantly surprised to see Diego Rico in the top five, but it probably shows that the fans were much more willing to see him play than Eddie Howe was. It will be a challenge for Rico to see if he can be the number one left back next season. If Kelly stays at centre-back, Rico may start to have the legs on Charlie Daniels who may take time to get back to his best.
The one name I thought would have picked up a few votes is Callum Wilson. While he didn't have a great season he was the highest goal scorer. The on loan Harry Wilson was probably one of the better loan signing the club has had in a while, but he didn't get a mention either. Dan Gosling was also a fan favourite at times but didn't hit top five, while Junior Stanislas needs more games to make an impact on the leader board.

Now everything is reset for next season, and if I had to wager on player of the year for 2020-21 I'd probably go for Sam Surridge. Players that have got something to prove tend to do well. I believe Surridge wants to be the main man upfront, so it will be intriguing to see if Jason Tindall gives him even more of a go than Eddie Howe did now that the team is in the Championship.

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Monday, 10 August 2020

Bournemouth midfielder and striker in hot demand

Reading the news this morning you could believe that some one put a big for sale sign on the dressing room at Dean Court. Not only Premier League sides are lining up bids on some of Howe's former crop of players, but now Paris St Germain are looking to offer Josh King Champions League football.
Josh King has attention from Paris.
The fact that these players failed to keep Bournemouth up isn't turning down the heat in terms of possible prices either. Josh King has a minimum price-tag of £25m on his head, says The Sun. That is nothing though compared to David Brooks, who Liverpool are chasing for a reported £35m according to The Daily Mail.

If Jason Tindall wanted a difficult first week, he certainly has it. Bournemouth may have little to show for their Premier League tenure, because most of their assets were on the pitch, but now the crunch comes. Does Maxim Demin, Neil Blake, Richard Hughes and Jason Tindall sanction the sale of the club's big earners a week before the season tickets are closed? Moreover, can they get together any signings of their own before that date to give some heart to fans that it won't be drab season in the Championship?

While I don't expect too many fans would have much to say about Josh King moving on, there will be massive disappointment if the club can't keep hold of David Brooks. But with the likes of Liverpool chasing after the Welsh winger, I can't see how Bournemouth can prevent their young genius being snapped up, just like Liverpool have done to Southampton in the past.
The point is, if these players are bring sold, can the money be reinvested just as well or better. That is the worrying part as we don't know what kind of budget JT is going to be allowed to spend. I fear it won't be what comes in and that is probably why Eddie Howe decided to call it a day.

It is a difficult situation to be in, but I just hope the best decisions for the long-term future of AFCB are made. If the players want to go then it is all about getting the best price for them.

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In other news, Philip Billing's house was broken into and AFCb are upping the security of players' homes. Striker, Scott Hogan of Aston Villa has also been linked with AFCB.

Sunday, 9 August 2020

A big job JT

We have all seen Jason Tindall come through the ranks at AFCB and now he finally has his chance to be AFC Bournemouth's manager. He has a mandate to get back into the Premier League at its first attempt and I couldn't think of a more difficult task for JT. While he has shown the desire to step up the the manager's job, it remains to be seen how different he will be from Eddie Howe.
Tindall is the new AFCB boss
The philosophy of playing from the back is unlikely to change, and a familiar voice will be helpful to the players that remain. JT believes there will be a mental side of the game that the players will have to overcome, following relegation, and to try and get off to a good start. I am not sure if that will be easier without a crowd or more difficult, because a lot of the circumstances that saw Bournemouth relegated will still be around with the players continue to play in front of empty stadiums and the staff basically the same minus Eddie Howe.

While JT has a dream to get the club to the Premier League, the club has to get to grips with reality that they are not there at the moment, and it takes a lot of hard work to get there. I don't envy JT's new job. He could be judged as early as 10 games in on how he is doing and while Tindall was the safe option for Bournemouth to go with, the club needs an injection of energy and confidence now. Whether JT will supply that I am not sure.

JT admitted in his first interview on AFCBTV that the media side of the job is something that he is going to have to do more of, and he'll have to lose his nerves and come across with authority. Fans and players watch the interviews and while it is okay to talk when things are going well, it is much harder when you have to explain reasons for the team not playing well.

I wish JT all the best. He has to win over the players, staff and the fans and at first it might help him that the staff are already his friends, and the players are all he will have to worry about for a while. The fans will come on board, if he does well. It's time for JT to step up and he'll need every bit of luck and self belief to get Bournemouth back to the Premier League. Over to you Jason.

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