Saturday, 23 January 2021

Wilshere still feels he owes something to Bournemouth

Listening to the AFCB official podcast No3, fans got a good insight into what life has been like for one of the club's biggest names. Jack Wilshere gave an honest interview about his decision to come to AFCB and why he decided it was the right club for him.

Jack Wilshere is ready to play a big pat in AFCB's season.

For some, it might have seemed like Jack Wilshere lacks ambition signing for AFCB when he perhaps could still play at a higher level. The commentary that Jack gave underlines the importance of who you know and that he trusted Jason Tindall to get the best out of him. To Jack, it felt 'natural' to pick up the phone to Jason.


It sounds like AFCB never shut the door on players that want to do something to improve their game. Jack Wilshere was oozing enthusiasm about the coaching staff at AFCB. We need Jack to help bring young players on as well. 


The unfinished business is a funny point to me. Jack perhaps wanted to score for AFCB and he hit the post so many times last time out, he was unlucky. Perhaps going back to Arsenal, having been injured for Bournemouth, he feels he owes Bournemouth something. It was good to hear that he was just happy to get back on the pitch. While the Derby game was a disappointment, Jack at least got on for a few minutes. He'll need to push for his place now and perhaps he can lIft the fortunes of AFCB because they need something extra.


It was pleasing to hear the way that Jack tried to explain why AFCB were different, even when they were in the Premier League. It is good to hear that AFCB is a unique club and has a culture that other club's don't find easy to build. Jack is clear that his family likes it at Bournemouth and that makes him happy to play here and Bournemouth puts a smile on his face.

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Best of all, Jack believes he is a player who can breakdown defences that sit back and look to hit AFCB on the break. Getting the confidence back is what he feels AFCB need to do now. If Jack truly feels he owes something to Bournemouth, let's hope he can score the winning goal in a Championship play-off final to take AFCB back up this summer.

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Friday, 22 January 2021

Rangers could step in for AFCB players

While Bournemouth await further interest in their players, Steven Gerrard has not hidden his desire to bring an Bournemouth defender and midfielder north of the border to Glasgow Rangers. The Glasgow Times reported that Gerrard thought he might be too late to scupper Jack Simpson's move to Cardiff City, while he admires Nnamdi Ofoborh, but thinks it might not be realistic to get him to Rangers after the interest from English clubs in the player.

Jack Simpson's future is still up for grabs.

It looks like Bournemouth's fringe players are going to be prime targets for clubs looking to swell their numbers. How many players are let go by Neill Blake is what nobody knows, but I think we can expect Jack Simpson and Nnamdi Ofoborh to be two players who are likely to move in this window. Simpson has already had a fee from Cardiff City accepted by AFCB and with Charlton Athletic and Rangers looking to secure Ofoborgh's services, Bournemouth could soon be whittling down their squad.

The Disrupted Season (2019-20) completes the story of Eddie Howe's reign at AFC Bournemouth 
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That might not be a bad thing if players are not getting games and it is leading to unrest in the dressing room. But getting a fair price is perhaps what AFCB need to be most concerned about. The players that are being targeted are very young and that may well concern the club as if they sell a few of their under 25-year-olds it does start to push up the average age of the group again which is something AFCB worked hard to get down in the last couple of seasons.


Of course, we could see Tindall being given funds to go and get replacements. Somehow though I doubt there is much desire for the club to start spending at the moment with the possibility that it might not get in the automatic promotion places, and it could be gearing up for another year in the Championship. If that happens, AFCB may have to shed many more high-earners this summer. My worry is that by selling the young players now and keeping hold of the more experienced players, it will be the players that have been sold this January that AFCB really need in 2021-2 if they don't get promoted. We can be positive and hope for promotion, but when AFCB want to bring in more young players, we can expect selling clubs to ask high prices knowing AFCB's recent past.


Thursday, 21 January 2021

AFCB - simply "not good enough"

Jason Tindall couldn't hide the fact that Bournemouth were well below par in the first half against Derby Couty. The team huffed and puffed but it didn't test the Derby keeper and the team didn't look like winning anywhere near enough of the 50:50 challenges that it needed to win. The creative players are not producing and there is always at least one sloppy bit of defending per match which has more often than not ended in a defeat. So can AFCB get themselves out of the pit they are digging themselves into?

Tindall has to get players back listening to his every word.

Tindall seems pleased that Danjuma is back and played a good amount of minutes as did Chris Mepham and Jack Stacey. Meanwhile, Jack Wilshere has also been able to taste competitive football again. I don't think that bringing in many new players is going to be that important for Bournemouth. Jason has to do better with the players he has which are in pretty much all cases deemed to be of Premier League quality or at least have mostly experienced Premier League football.
The Disrupted Season (2019-20) completes the story of Eddie Howe's reign at AFC Bournemouth 
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It is often said that playing in the Championship is a different challenge and in some cases a harder task as every team can beat you. We saw that against Derby who are a side who were second from bottom and AFCB didn't meet the game with the same grit and determination and were duly beaten. I'm sure that there are problems behind the scenes at AFCB. It spilled on to the pitch the other month with Stanislas and Surridge, the transfer saga with Jack Simpson is another sign that things are not running smoothly and why is Philip Billing saying he was fit to play against Derby and Tindall arguing that he couldn't finish the last training session. Is Jason Tindall fully in charge of the players?

There is not a lot wrong with this team. Most of the difficulties are in getting the players to be on the same page and to get them believing that they are capable of blowing teams away. But that is only achieved with hard work and determination and in some aspects AFCB are falling down. They are not finding things are going their way and rather than look to try something different they have perhaps got stuck in doing the same things over and over again. We saw a lot of long balls against Derby, perhaps because the pitch was heavy. But AFCB's game has always been quick passing and on the floor. It is okay to mix things up, but if you go long you have to aim to win challenges and AFCB didn't do that against Derby.


Okay, you can say some of the players are coming back to fitness. But you can only make these excuses for so long. Other teams are managing this period better, and it's down to AFCB's players to come out the other side of this disappointing period and makeup ground on what they have already lost. The team needs to come together and I have a feeling all is not well in the dressing room. Looking at the table now with the club in sixth, the players might just start to get the picture that they are not performing, and perhaps it is a good thing that the FA Cup comes next and they have a week to try and sort out some of the problems. The FA Cup tie against Crawley has been rescheduled to Tuesday 16 January at 7pm.


Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Bournemouth stutter to another defeat at lowly Derby 0-1

Match Report
Derby Co 1 v 0 AFCB
19 Jan 2021
AFCB fall flat at Derby County losing ground on the top two promotion places.

The Cherries slumped to another defeat and a goalless performance at Derby County. It was another game when they could have put some pressure back on the top teams, but they came away wondering where their form has gone. They managed no shots on target in the first half and Danjuma was constantly getting caught offside. Derby Scored when they were on top and from a corner, when Lloyd Kelly missed his header, and Bielik was there to hook the ball through his legs and into the goal. The second half saw Bournemouth throwing more bodies forward and Lloyd Kelly came closest to scoring with a strong header that Roos saved. Jack Stacey might also have levelled, but saw his shot go narrowly wide. It's not the result that Jason Tindall will have wanted, but Bournemouth have to show more desire than this if they want to get in the promotion picture. Derby worked harder, wanted it more and justifiably got the win.

Bournemouth just made the two changes with Lloyd Kelly replacing Diego Rico and Danjuma back in for Josh King. Billing and Riquelme were injured, while Jack Simpson is still waiting on a move to Cardiff City. Jack Wilshere did make the bench along with Chris Mepham.

Match Description
Danjuma has the first shot off a long raking pass from Carter-Vickers, which is blocked. If he had taken it first time, he might have scored. Jozwiak then puts a header on target but Begovic saves. Clarke is next to head wide. Derby are in control.

Solanke misses a good chance off a Jack Stacey cross. He got in the box but a weak contact and the chance is gone. 

Lerma is in the wars again clashing with Bielik after 11 minutes but totally accidental. Shinnie was giving Lewis Cook a lot of attention but Cook wins the free kick. Derby are pressing hard.

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Bielik pushed a good ball forward to Knight but Carter-Vickers sees the ball out. Neither team is giving any time on the ball to the other team. Lerma looks for Danjuma but the winger is offside.

Carter-Vickers is quite comfortable coming forward with the ball. Bournemouth don't have a lot of flow to their game though.

Bournemouth are keeping hold of the ball now. Jozwiak gets around Carter-Vickers and Steve Cook has to get across to stop the Derby attack. 


Buchanan gets in behind Stacey but Begovic makes a good save. Derby are getting closer and Steve Cook has to block Jozwiak. From the corner the ball is held up but Bielik has slotted it away through Kelly's legs, with Kelly no idea where the ball is after his missed header. Derby go 1-0 up on 32 minutes.

Bournemouth haven't got going. Knight drills a shot wide following a free kick. As soon as Bournemouth break they are getting crowded out. Knight has another wild swing at a shot that goes well wide.

Lewis Cook loses possession in his own half but gets away with it. Lerma finds Solanke but the forward's touch is too hard. Danjuma gets in the box but is tackled by Bird.

Second half
Josh King is on for Adam Smith and Cameron Carter-Vickers is subbed for Chris Mepham. An early cross from Danjuma and King heads at goal but it's saved. King and Solanke playing as strike partners in a 4-4-2  formation now. 

Bournemouth are still kicking long and hopeful. They need to get back to their short passing game. Lerma underlines the point kicking a long pass out of play.


Steve Cook almost puts King through. Bournemouth are dictating now. Knight gets on the end of a long ball past Mepham's head, but Kelly sees it out. Mepham goes over the top and Solanke gets to it, but hits the side netting.

Byrne gets free and could put it in the middle but goes for a shot that Begovic saves easily. Byrne has another effort more centrally and Begovic is behind it. Derby are more than holding on they have a corner. Lewis Cook has to stretch his leg out to clear one off the line from Clarke's header, great block.

King heads back across goal from a corner but Roos claims it easily. Surrdige is on for Danjuma on 63 minutes. Mepham plays the ball against Byrne and almost let Derby in. Stacey gets in behind and Kelly blasts the ball into the box, but no Bournemouth player can finish. The ball just held up and Solanke and Surridge couldn't sort their feet out in time.

Bielik has shot and Mepham has to block it. That was goal bound. Lewis Cook is booked for taking out Knight.


Surridge almost gets on the end of a long ball with Wisdom having trouble holding Surridge off. Stacey puts an deep cross but Surridge had gone short to the near post. The heavy pitch is probably not helping AFCB's game.

Wilshere is on for Brooks. Wisdom concedes a corner. Steve Cook and Lloyd Kelly heads it towards goal but the keeper somehow gets there to make the save with a strong left hand. That's the closest Bournemouth have come to a goal tonight.


Jozwiak is subbed by MacDonald. Another corner for Bournemouth. From a long throw, Lerma hits a shot onto the ground and Stacey hits it cleaner but it just evades the far post. Steve Cook has won a free kick.

Steve Cook puts the header wide. Just three minutes of added time. Mitchell-Lawson comes on for Knight.

I am not sure if it is the heavy pitches or a lack of steel but Bournemouth aren't getting the job done in tight games. They came up a Derby side that are battling to stay alive and Bournemouth didn't show the same will and determination. They got what they deserved with this second defeat in a row. They have to apply themselves more fully and while you could see it mattered to players like Steve Cook and Lewis Cook, who were throwing themselves at everything there were too many having a ride on the bus. The shots on target were absent first half and while Lloyd Kelly and Jack Stacey nearly got a point for the Cherries, they didn't deserve to get a point. Hopefully, it will make the team more hungry for points next game.  

AFCB lineup
AFCB Subs: 40 Dennis, 4 Gosling, 6 Mepham, 11 Wilshere,  
21 Rico, 24 Ofoborh, 27 King, 32 Anthony, 14 Surridge

AFCB Ratings
Begovic 8, Stacey 6, S Cook 9, Carter-Vickers 5, Kelly 6, A Smith 4, Brooks 4, Lerma 5, L Cook 7, Danjuma 5, Solanke 5

Cherry Chimes MoM: Steve Cook

Derby Co
21 Roos, 22 Evans, 2 Wisdom, 16 Clarke, 12 Byrne, 4 Shinnie, 5 Bielik, 26 Buchanan,
7 Jozwiak (MacDonald 81), 13 Kazim-Richards, 38 Knight (Mitchell-Lawson 90+2)

Derby Subs
3 Forsyth, 8 Bird, 9 Waghorn, 17 Sibley, 18 Whittaker, 37 MacDonald, 41 Gordon, 42 Mitchell-Lawson, 44 Foster

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Can Wilshere get AFCB back on track?

Yesterday, AFCB resigned Jack Wilshere for six months. He is a hugely popular player with AFCB fans and other clubs and for Bournemouth to pick him up again says a lot of how much Jack respects the work of Jason Tindall. Whether the reunion will see Bournemouth power their way to promotion is the question that will be answered, probably not by the undoubted quality of Wilshere, but by his fitness.

Jack's back - how soon can he get AFCB winning games again?

With Jack only just signing, but having trained for three weeks for the club, he could find himself in the squad for the game against Derby County. While Jefferson Lerma's red card has been rescinded, I am hoping that he is cleared of the Sheffield Wednesday charge as well and is ready to play with his head in the right place for a big game if selected.


The best central midfield set-up for Bournemouth could be quite a puzzle. Bournemouth have lacked the creativity to break teams down despite having a great attacking assortment of players. Jack Wilshere adds a bit more experience to the midfield and if he gets a good run it will be hard not to see him dominating that area. It will be good for players like Lerma and Lewis Cook to get a bit more of a break at times and should keep them on their toes. It is good to hear that Jack really enjoyed his time at AFCB first time and that he wants to help the club get back to the Premier League.


Derby will be another difficult game as they have just appointed Wayne Rooney as their manager. But while their tales are up Bournemouth know they have not performed well against teams at the bottom of the league. It is something that Tindall is drilling home and wants his players to react after the recent disappointments. Adding Jack Wilshere at this point could be a good pick me up for the team, and I expect the team to go all gound blazing at Derby Couty to get back on the heels of the leading two clubs.

The Disrupted Season (2019-20) completes the story of Eddie Howe's reign at AFC Bournemouth 
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Derby Co Home Form

AFCB Away Form


Possible AFCB lineup

AFCB Subs: Dennis, Kelly, Wilshere, Gosling, Billing, King, Surridge, Anthony, King

Derby Co pre-match press conference - with Liam Rosenior 

Monday, 18 January 2021

Why have AFCB agreed price for home-grown defender to join Cardiff City?

Bournemouth have reportedly agreed that Jack Simpson can join Cardiff City for the knockdown price of £0.75m, according to SkySports. While Middlesbrough, Stoke City and Derby were checking the 24-year-old for a loan move, Cardiff seem to have jumped ahead by looking to buy the defender outright. Simpson's contract was due to end this summer.

Jack Simpson doesn't look part of AFCB's plans going forward.

Simpson has made six appearances in this current campaign for AFCB and his place was under pressure from the return to fitness of Cameron Carter-Vickers and well as the possible return soon of Chris Mepham. Looking ahead there didn't seem to be much opportunity for Simpson if these two players were going to be ahead of him, even if Bournemouth played three at the back.

Simpson's form was called into question at times with recent defeats and while he was dropped after the 1-1 draw with Millwall, Bournemouth's form hasn't improved. The decision to sell Simpson may be more about the club looking to bring income in than a desire to let the young home-grown defender go to a Championship rival.

If Bournemouth don't get promoted this season it might seem a strange decision to have parted with such a defender who could be a central figure in a Championship campaign going forward. The salary that Simpson was on is unlikely to be equivalent to many of the other more established players at AFCB, so there won't be a great saving there for the club.

It does point towards Bournemouth looking to keep hold of the other defenders they have which might be good news for senior players like Steve Cook and Adam Smith who have been at the club a long time. Academy players may also be close to making the first team come the summer. Anyway, it looks like Jack Simpson only has to agree terms with Cardiff to complete the deal if SKySports has the details right.

The Disrupted Season (2019-20) completes the story of Eddie Howe's reign at AFC Bournemouth 
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Sunday, 17 January 2021

10-man Bournemouth come a cropper against Luton

 Match Report
AFCB 0 v 1 Luton Town
16 January 2021
Luton dent AFCB's automatic promotion hopes

The Cherries lost more ground on the leaders in the Championship with a sorry 0-1 defeat against Luton Town. The game started to run away from Bournemouth when Jefferson Lerma was sent off with a straight red for a challenge for a header in the first half. Both teams seemed surprised by the harshness of the punishment for something that didn't look like deliberate violent conduct. A solitary breakaway goal by Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall saw Luton win their ninth game of the season while Bournemouth sank to their fourth defeat, and second home defeat of 2020-21.

Bournemouth made three changes from their previous game with Josh King, Jack Stacey and Cameron Carter-Vickers starting. It was the first start for Cameron Carter-Vickers in the league for AFCB. Out went Junior Stanislas, Lloyd Kelly and Jack Simpson. Danjuma was still not ready to join the squad.

Arguably the team looked more attack-minded with there at the back and Adam Smith and Jack Stacey pushing up on either flanks with a front three of King. Solanke and Brooks, while Lerma and Lewis Cook kept stability in the centre of midfield.

The Cherries dominated the early part of the game with David Brooks going close in the second minute and Josh King seeing his half-hit strike saved on seven minutes after Luke Berry's header had let King in. That was followed by a wayward shot from Lewis Cook which sailed over the bar, but Bournemouth were in the ascendancy.

The Disrupted Season (2019-20) completes the story of Eddie Howe's reign at AFC Bournemouth 
- it's available now for £11.49 as a paperback - visit Amazon to order

Matters changed on 26 minutes when Jefferson Lerma was shown a straight red card for a challenge on Tom Lockyer. that saw his elbow hit Lockyer in the eye. I am sure Bournemouth will appeal, but the punishment set Bournemouth down to 10 men. Lockyer couldn't carry on in the end and was subbed for Naismith.

Cameron Carter-Vickers saw a header go wide following a corner and Josh King's shot in the box was then cleared off the line. While Bournemouth had a few more blocked shots it remained 0-0 at half-time.

Luton obviously looked to improve on their failures to get forward in the first half and Glen Rea had a shot saved by Begovic on 47 minutes. Potts then came close with a header from a corner for Luton that Begovic saved with his left boot and Dewsbury-Hall had a shot saved seconds later that was heading for the top corner.

King then slotted Solanke in on goal down the left and the ball looked headed for the net before Potts cleared it off the line.

The Hatters kept coming forward with Collins missing a header from Harry Cornick's cross. A chance fell to David Brooks in the box but he put it over the bar. Luton were more in their stride now with Cornick hitting a shot too high. Collins was also a threat in the break. It was a goal on 67 minutes to the visitors that decided the three points. Cornick found Dewsbury-Hall, on the right, who slotted the ball away with a low curling shot into the left corner to beat Begovic.


Bournemouth made three changes with Surridge, Billing and Kelly replacing King, Rico and Stacey. Jordan Clark also replaced Harry Cornick.

Tindall made further changes with Riquelme subbing Adam Smith and Jaidon Anthony coming on for Brooks. Riquelme had a shot blocked and another saved before Luton subbed James Bree with Matty Pearson and James Collins with Danny Hylton. Mpanzu had a late shot saved for Luton while Pearson was booked for a foul on Riquelme.

Billing and Hylton were also booked in added time.

Another game where Bournemouth squandered chances despite having the majority for the possession and looked in control for large parts of the game. Teh sending off clearly changed things and Bournemouth were caught out by a team that got plenty of men behind the ball and made it hard for Bournemouth to break them down. Tindall has to find away of beating stubborn sides that defend well and not get hit on the break. It's simply costing too many points. On the plus side Cameron Carter-Vickers looks like a good addition to the backline.

Luton Town: Sluga, Bree (Pearson 87), Potts, Bradley, Lockyer (Naismith 34), Rea, Dewsbury-Hall, Mpanzu, Berry, Cornick (Clark 74), Collins (Hylton 87)

Luton Subs: Shea, Pearson, Hylton, Naismith, Morrell, Nombe, LuaLua, Clark, Moncur.

AFCB lineup

AFCB Subs: Dennis, Simpson, Mepham, Kelly,
Kilkenny, Billing, Riquelme, Surridge, Anthony

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