Monday, 10 August 2020

Bournemouth midfielder and striker in hot demand

Reading the news this morning you could believe that some one put a big for sale sign on the dressing room at Dean Court. Not only Premier League sides are lining up bids on some of Howe's former crop of players, but now Paris St Germain are looking to offer Josh King Champions League football.
Josh King has attention from Paris.
The fact that these players failed to keep Bournemouth up isn't turning down the heat in terms of possible prices either. Josh King has a minimum price-tag of £25m on his head, says The Sun. That is nothing though compared to David Brooks, who Liverpool are chasing for a reported £35m according to The Daily Mail.

If Jason Tindall wanted a difficult first week, he certainly has it. Bournemouth may have little to show for their Premier League tenure, because most of their assets were on the pitch, but now the crunch comes. Does Maxim Demin, Neil Blake, Richard Hughes and Jason Tindall sanction the sale of the club's big earners a week before the season tickets are closed? Moreover, can they get together any signings of their own before that date to give some heart to fans that it won't be drab season in the Championship?

While I don't expect too many fans would have much to say about Josh King moving on, there will be massive disappointment if the club can't keep hold of David Brooks. But with the likes of Liverpool chasing after the Welsh winger, I can't see how Bournemouth can prevent their young genius being snapped up, just like Liverpool have done to Southampton in the past.
The point is, if these players are bring sold, can the money be reinvested just as well or better. That is the worrying part as we don't know what kind of budget JT is going to be allowed to spend. I fear it won't be what comes in and that is probably why Eddie Howe decided to call it a day.

It is a difficult situation to be in, but I just hope the best decisions for the long-term future of AFCB are made. If the players want to go then it is all about getting the best price for them.

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In other news, Philip Billing's house was broken into and AFCb are upping the security of players' homes. Striker, Scott Hogan of Aston Villa has also been linked with AFCB.

Sunday, 9 August 2020

A big job JT

We have all seen Jason Tindall come through the ranks at AFCB and now he finally has his chance to be AFC Bournemouth's manager. He has a mandate to get back into the Premier League at its first attempt and I couldn't think of a more difficult task for JT. While he has shown the desire to step up the the manager's job, it remains to be seen how different he will be from Eddie Howe.
Tindall is the new AFCB boss
The philosophy of playing from the back is unlikely to change, and a familiar voice will be helpful to the players that remain. JT believes there will be a mental side of the game that the players will have to overcome, following relegation, and to try and get off to a good start. I am not sure if that will be easier without a crowd or more difficult, because a lot of the circumstances that saw Bournemouth relegated will still be around with the players continue to play in front of empty stadiums and the staff basically the same minus Eddie Howe.

While JT has a dream to get the club to the Premier League, the club has to get to grips with reality that they are not there at the moment, and it takes a lot of hard work to get there. I don't envy JT's new job. He could be judged as early as 10 games in on how he is doing and while Tindall was the safe option for Bournemouth to go with, the club needs an injection of energy and confidence now. Whether JT will supply that I am not sure.

JT admitted in his first interview on AFCBTV that the media side of the job is something that he is going to have to do more of, and he'll have to lose his nerves and come across with authority. Fans and players watch the interviews and while it is okay to talk when things are going well, it is much harder when you have to explain reasons for the team not playing well.

I wish JT all the best. He has to win over the players, staff and the fans and at first it might help him that the staff are already his friends, and the players are all he will have to worry about for a while. The fans will come on board, if he does well. It's time for JT to step up and he'll need every bit of luck and self belief to get Bournemouth back to the Premier League. Over to you Jason.

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Saturday, 8 August 2020

Should Cherries keep saying "No!" to Sheffield United?

It has been widley rumoured this week that Sheffield United have had a bid rejected for around £13m for Aaron Ramsdale. While the Blades seem keen to be reunited with a former keeper for the club, Bournemouth will have several players that they need to sell and others that they feel they can hold on to and Ramsdale could be one of the latter.
It would be great to see Aaron staying
While Ramsdale had a fantastic season and has already picked up the Echo's Mickey Cave player of the year award, he is likely to pick up some more awards from the club. He may well be offered an improved contract despite dropping to the Championship and it has taken Aaron a couple of years with load moves to really get to be the Bournemouth number one keeper. So he might not be in a hurry to move just yet, when he knows he will be in demand for the next few years.

Bournemouth could play hard ball with Sheffield United. They certainly don't meed to sell Ramsdale cheaply and could hold put for more than the suggested £25m in the media. As an  England U21 keeper, Ramsdale is going to be well watched and could attract a bigger club, if not this summer then in January, or in the summer of 2021. Bournemouth need to consider that and whether they should look to keep Ramsdale. It is not often that a club gets a good crop of young keepers and Bournemouth will know that a good keeper in the Championship is the first thing you need to try and get promotion.

If Sheffield United really want Ramsdale, they'll pay the asking price. Bournemouth need to push these deals as high as they can, as the drop from the Premier league will have eaten into their bank balance. Personally, I feel there are going to be bigger offers for Ramsdale and Bournemouth can hold out until the end of the window, knowing they have Mark Travers, if they really feel the market price for Ramsdale has been fully met. It could be a long wait for Sheffield United and they could even be trumped by another club for Ramsdale's services.

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Friday, 7 August 2020

Finally some good AFCB news

Since Bournemouth's relegation to the Championship it has been a case of who is going to follow Eddie Howe out the door? While the tam has already seen the sale of Nathan AkΓ©, it may be that they do get to keep hold of one of their young stars in Lloyd Kelly, or at least we now know he is unlikely to be going to Merseyside.
Lloyd Kelly might just be a player AFCB can hold on to.
This comes after the Athletic reported that Michael Edwards was annoyed at being out maneuvered by Lloyd Kelly's agent last summer when Bournemouth came in late to grab Kelly from Bristol City for £13m, right under the noses of Liverpool. if Bournemouth can keep hold of Kelly, he would be the ideal player to build a strong defence around, having himself showed his adaptability to play at left back or centre-half.

While Lloyd Kelly might be staying with Liverpool turning their attention to Jamal Lewis instead, Bournemouth fans may also be heartened by the news that Ryan Fraser has found that both Arsenal and Spurs are unlikely to give him the 100,000 a week contract he was hoping for. He has been considering offers from Crystal Palace and Fulham which are more likely to be in the 50,000 a week range. This is considerably less than what he is believed to have been offered at Bournemouth, reports The Sun.

Perhaps Bournemouth's bad luck is finally coming to an end. It's been a torrid time and supporters desperately need to hear some better news, although I'm not sure that anyone is overjoyed about John Terry applying for the vacant manager's job at AFCB.

Bournemouth fans might have more chance of seeing Harry Arter walking around Dean Court again though. Fulham did not trigger the buy clause in his loan contract as he didn't play enough games for them. This still leaves Arter with a year to go on his AFCB contract. Have the football gods got tired of punishing AFCB?

In other news, Sheffield United's £12m bid for Aaron Ramsdale is rejected, reports
The Daily Mail.
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Thursday, 6 August 2020

Artur doesn't get to say goodbye but we loved him

Bournemouth's final farewell to Eddie Howe rather overshadowed the departure of Artur Boruc to Legia Warsaw. But the Pole has been a massive character in the Cherries squad since it was last in the Championship and played a significant role in getting the Cherries promoted in 2014-15 when he was on loan. Now he has gone, there is one less big presence in Bournemouth's dressing room.
Farewell Artur, it's been a blast.
Like many Bournemouth fans, I haven't been a big fan of former Southampton players but I make exceptions for players like Artur Boruc who has been magnificent in the way he has carried himself at the club. He's played more games for Bournemouth than he did for Southampton now. Even as a number two he hurled himself around on the pitch during warm ups with no less enthusiasm than if he was starting, and he pushed Ramsdale all the way last season.
Eddie Howe kept extending his contract by a year over the last few seasons, but now Boruc feels it is time to depart and with the long Championship season ahead, I can understand why now is a good time for him to leave the Cherries. He will be reacquainted with his Polish friends and will no doubt bring back memories for their fans who saw him as a young keeper just starting out before he went to Celtic.

Boruc's signatures is one of my favourites out of all the Bournemouth players. I grabbed him one day on a non-match day when he was walking near Dean Court, having just won promotion to the Premier League with Bournemouth. I had a picture of him on a Daily Echo paper and just asked him to sign it which he duly did. Now he has gone, I must admit it feels like another part of the big jigsaw that got Bournemouth up to the Premier League has faded away.

Still, we have new players to take his place, and should it be Mark Travers or Aaron Ramsdale in Bournemouth's goal next season we know they have learned a lot from being in the company of Artur Boruc. Thanks Artur!

In other news, Nathan AkΓ© completed his £40m plus £1m add-on signing for five years with Man City yesterday. This breaks Bournemouth's record transfer fee for a player. Brad Smith has also left AFCB as his contract has expired.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Has AFCB's best candidate for manager just won promotion to the Premier League?

Following the play-off defeat for Brentford to Fulham, AFCB's directors may well be devastated that they will be unable to entice Scott Parker to Dean Court to take the vacant manager's position. The prospect would have started to sound very exciting, if brother-in-law and former Cherry Arter also came back but Scott Parker, like Motherwell's Steve Robinson, can now be ruled out.
Who wants to be the next manager at AFCB?
Fulham play an attractive brand of football and that is why Parker had been linked to the job and he could have brought one or two players with him. The problem for Bournemouth is that people are keener to rule themselves out rather than in for the job, It is a tough task to follow Eddie Howe and it could leave Bournemouth in a spot, if they can't identify the best candidate quickly.

Steven Robinson would also have been a good pick, having done so well with Motherwell, but he told the Daily Record that he wasn't interested in leaving Motherwell. The chat on BBC Radio Solent on Sunday night also talked about Mark Moseley at Weymouth but suggested it was too big a step up and that Stephen Purches was probably the best placed Bournemouth coach to be a manager.

While the board hasn't made any noise about their preferred candidate, they may be forced to go for an inside candidate as their potential targets are being whittled away. Of the other outsiders, Gareth Ainsworth might be the romantic pick, but he hasn't managed in the Championship before and he would probably like to continue with Wycombe, just like Eddie Howe wanted to get Bournemouth as high as he could.

The list of candidates to me isn't that exciting and that is perhaps the real problem for Bournemouth. They need a reason to get fans excited again and they may struggle to find a candidate with that CV.

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Tuesday, 4 August 2020

What is Howe's legacy at AFCB?

Kris Temple asked what was AFC Bournemouth's legacy having left the Premier League after the last game at Everton, but now we have an even bigger question of what has been Eddie Howe's legacy after nearly 26 years at the club. He leaves, of course, with the club in a much better place than when he joined as a YTS trainee or as a manager for the first time, but have we learned any lessons from Eddie's time at the helm?
Eddie Howe won three promotions at AFCB and kept them in the top flight for five seasons.
While materially the club might not look any different from the outside, it's reputation is significantly enhanced. Go anywhere in the world now and if they like football they'll know about AFC Bournemouth and Eddie Howe. Eddie was the great story though behind the club and people signed up to that not only for the way the team played, but because of the man. He remains ever young and has an ability to motivate and achieve. There aren't many coaches that can inspire the way Eddie Howe has done over the years and now we will see how priceless he has been.

If anything Eddie's legacy is to all the other lower league clubs, who have aspirations to get to the Premier League - it can be done. Young managers can also succeed in this business if they are given the opportunity. But managers like players come and go.

For AFC Bournemouth, we may have just lived through the best years that the club may have ever. There might not be a return to the top flight and it could soon languish in the lower divisions again. All we would be left with is the memories. But without another catalyst for success, the odds are not in favour for a quick return for AFCB to the Premier League, now that Eddie Howe has departed. The stability needs to be rebuilt and it will need a special person to do that or may be several people over the next few seasons.

Eddie's legacy is for us all to try and do better, every day in whatever we do. If we all take that on board then we can smile whenever we think about the Eddie Howe years. It may not be a time that is remembered in bricks and mortar, but we got to the Premier League and we thrived when we were there. Enjoy the past and embrace the future. We know there won't be anyone as good as Eddie Howe, but at least we have had some of the best times and we thank Eddie for that.

New book out soon!
Cherry Chimes will release a new book on Eddie Howe's final season at the Cherries this September/October - keep an eye on this blog for more news about the Disrupted Season 2019-20.

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Monday, 3 August 2020

Could JT and Purches take AFCB's story forward?

With the departure of Eddie Howe still is a raw reminder of how swiftly things can change n football, I wondered if Jason Tindall could become more than a caretaker manager of Bournemouth, perhaps with the support of Stephen Purches as his assistant manager? Jason has been at Eddie's side all the way through since 2008 and it is interesting that he has stayed on when Edie decided to call it a day.
Has Tindall got a different message to get the players performing better?
Jason knows the club inside out and there are a lot of former players at the club serving on the staff such as Stephen Purches and Steve Fletcher that know inside out how Eddie Howe worked with the team. They know the situation with the first team and being on the inside they know a lot of the difficulties that Eddie will have been working to improve over the last few years. If Bournemouth's directors want continuity, this is surely where they have to go.

The fact that the team is now in the Championship takes the spotlight off the manager a little more than if the club had been in the Premier League. But, results will matter and the board will have to work out if Jason Tindall is capable of getting results. They also nee dto consider if there are better options out there who are interested in the job. Jason is the 4/7 on favourite for the position now and it is clear that the club has had an awful lot of turmoil in the past week, so it may be sensible to stop the hurt by appointing Tindall sooner rather than later.
Most of the other contenders from outside the club are at long odds wth Chris Houghton leading the rest of the pack at 6-1. Bournemouth don't look like a big enough club for Pochettino and there aren't many star names, John Terry apart, who are in the top five or six names.

My only worry is that if Tindall is the new manager, will he be his own man? Would we be simply be getting more of the same with Eddie Howe's philosophy? That could be a good thing if we consider the success that Eddie brought the club, but the last season has seen Jason Tindall go through the same run of results as Eddie and he will have done all he could to try and change that sequence while at Eddie's side without any success.

So, I hope the board think very carefully about the next appointment. Bournemouth fans need a feel good factor. It is a shame that Tommy Elphick isn't looking at manager yet as I think Bournemouth need a character with that kind of leadership and positivity to shake things up after the Eddie Howe era.

In other news, Artur Boruc rejoins Legie Warsaw.

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Sunday, 2 August 2020

Can't blame Callum Wilson for wanting Premier League football

It has been reported that Callum Wilson has told other players in AFCB's squad that he must play Premier League football next season, if he is to ave any chance of making England's Euros team. I don't have a problem with that as he is right. He has given AFCB six years of his career and he s now 28. He is ready for a big move and he may well be more prolific in a better team.
Callum doesn't expect to be running out with AFCB team-mates again.
We have become used to seeing Callum Wilson's name on the starting sheet for AFCB. He is one of the rocks that Eddie Howe has built his team around and without him Bournemouth need to find a lot more goals from somewhere. Callum has shown that he is better than a Championship striker. He may not have had a great season in 2019-20, but he still topped the goal scorers chart for AFCB.

He has been unlucky in suffering a double cruciate knee injury at his time at Bournemouth, and he would have done even better had he not suffered those injuries. He has learned to play with what limitations his injuries have given hm and he has always wanted the best for AFCB.

It will be an important move for Callum who has a young family. He may not move again, but he has to think of himself now. It won't do him any good playing in the Championship. The sad point for fans is that AFCB probably won't get his true valuation and they won't get to say goodbye to him. We can see how he does though as his career progresses and we will see if he does do better when given more responsibility at a bigger club. I'd just like to thank Callum for the service he has given. I only hope that Bournemouth's next striker signing is as good as Callum has been.

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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Eddie Howe leaves by mutual consent from AFCB

It had been quite a few days since we had heard anything from Eddie Howe. Still, most fans I thin hoped that he would continue in his role as manager of the Cherries. The break with the club is official though now and  as fans we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the man that has more than delivered as the best manager the club has ever had. There have been some fantastic promotions and many epic games and while we lost Eddie Howe before an got him back, this really does seem to be a final farewell.
Eddie calls it a day at AFCB after 25 years and 450 games as manager in two spells.
The fact that Eddie has gone now is maybe because he couldn't feel that he could feel comfortable carrying on having had his first relegation. He will know that he had a job basically for life at AFCB and that if anyone would cut his tenure short it would have to be hime. While Jason Tindall seems to not have put his resignation in at the same time, it looks like the separation of the management duo. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for the staff at the club. It will take a while to feel good about a new beginning and Eddie Howe leaves knowing that the club faces some of the most serious decisions it has needed to take in many years.

With Eddie Howe's departure it does make it easier for other players to leave and I am sure that could have been on Eddie's mind. Players have loyalties to managers and that link has been broken. Relegation was hard enough but now the club needs to move fast to bring in a new manager and one that can take the club forward.

It will be strange  without having Eddie Howe, but managers are not permanent. Eddie's record will speak for itself. One bad season when he just missed staying in the Premier League by a point is a harsh way to say goodbye.

Of course, I wish Eddie all the best in his next challenge. For now he can finally put his family first and I take consolation in that. But it is a very sad night for AFC Bournemouth supporters.

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Can AFCB hold on to key midfielder?

There are several players that we can expect to see leave in the next few weeks. Some of them, Bournemouth will know they have to sell. But there are others that they would really like to hold on to and David Brooks is a high priority among those players.

Official AFCB photo: Does David feel he needs to get a full season underneath hm at AFCB
While David Books has shown he is a natural at Premier League level and there is plenty of interest in him from the likes of Leicester, West Ham, Newcastle United and Crystal Palace. Holding off one club is not to problematic, but when there are three or four it is going to be a stiff task to keep Brooks.

Of course, David knows he has not played much for the Cherries and may feel some loyalty. Bournemouth may also be able to offer him improved terms, if they can sell a good number of their players to increase their salary pot. But Brooks also has his Welsh international aspirations to think about, and may have to talk with Ryan Giggs, if he really wants to try and help Bournemouth win promotion from the Championship.

If David feels Bournemouth have enough in their squad to get back at the first attempt to the Premier League, it is not inconceivable that he might give Bournemouth a season to see if they can do it. But I imagine he will see some lucrative offers to ply his trade elsewhere.

If David does move on, it is essential that Bournemouth get the maximum amount possible for him. That could be in the £30m bracket or they could allow the interested parties to fight it out and see how much the price could rise to.

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