Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Will AFCB be under too much pressure for Newcastle game?

I am looking forward to the match against Newcastle United. It has been good to see that Matt Ritchie is back playing again and Newcastle don't really have any relegation worries anymore. They are the kind of mid-table team that haven't much to play for, so Bournemouth have to make the most of this game and that will mean they have pressure on them, especially after losing their last two matches.
Bournemouth have to deal with the pressure at this time.
It is how AFCB deal with that pressure that counts. They haven't done well since the restart in dealing with pressure, but to a large extent they are being helped by the poor results of others with Aston Villa dropping points against Wolves and Southampton taking the points off Watford. If Bournemouth can get a win, they would not only move out of the bottom three they would greatly improve their belief that they can stay up and give a damaging blow to West Ham, Aston Villa Norwich and possibly Watford.

How do players deal with the pressure though? I think it is important that all the players talk about how they feel and what they feel like as the game approaches. They need to remind themselves of what they are playing for, and try and think of when they met with fans, had good games on the pitch, and when they were fearless at attacking teams. If they can surround themselves with positives, then they can get their game moving in the right direction.

They don't need to think about the consequences of not getting a good result. It has to be all positive thinking now. They need a step up, and the only way they are going to get it is by playing well. So Eddie Howe must get through to his players that they are Premier League stars, that people want them to succeed, and that goals will come if they do their jobs well.


They are getting paid for a job they love. It is so much better if they have that winning feeling. There haven't been many happy moments this season, so Eddie has to stress how enjoyable it will be if they can get a win. With a win the players will relax a bit and the pressure will come off for a few days. They need that relief of tension and to see a table where they are making progress. Newcastle United won't be an easy game, but it is a good game to have right now, and AFCB will want to make the most of it.

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Monday, 29 June 2020

Saints do AFCB massive favour and AFCB fans know it

I was quite prepared for Southampton going to Vicarage Road and wave the white flag. But I turned to see a very competent performance by Ralf Hasenhuttl side who scored freely to win 1-3. Danny Ings was especially keen to do AFCB a favour as an ex-Cherry with his two goals, but I'm not sure AFCB deserve such favours.

For once Southampton give AFCB a golden opportunity.
Watford are now sitting like lame ducks, just a point ahead of Bournemouth with a goal difference, which is now only a one goal better than the Cherries. The Bournemouth fans have also had their say on Twitter, with some mixed emotions on a Saints win, but ultimately thankful to receive any help AFCB can get at the moment.


While the results have kept the bottom five in close proximity, there has to be some belief in some of these teams that they need to pull away now. Bournemouth have been shocking, but they have been gifted a great chance in opening up a gap like Brighton have done. The players can only blame themselves if they don't start to pull away from the relegation zone.


If Bournemouth go down now, we really know that they deserve it because nobody usually gets as many chances as this to get some points on the board in a relegation scrap.

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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Is a lack of football Bournemouth's problem?

Eddie Howe has spoken about how the team that has been playing haven't had a lot of football and that this could be why they have found things more difficult than expected to get wins. He is talking about David Brooks, Steve Cook, Arnaut Danjuma, Junior Stanislas and Philip Billing in particular who have come back after long injuries and can't simply turn on the switch to be playing at their very best. Eddie probably hasn't got the options he would like to play others, so AFCB are reliant on these previously injured players getting up to speed.
AFCB need more games to get back into the swing of it.
But should a lack of football make such a big difference for these professionals? The fitness should be pretty much there, and we know that game time is everything, so it is a surprise that AFCB didn't play a few behind doors friendlies before the restart. Perhaps the worry about picking up injuries had something to do with that and the difficulties with the COVID-19 safety measures. But AFCB can't blame players for not having enough game time. The other teams have had similar fixtures and time to prepare. AFCB simply need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and stop looking for excuses.

At the end of the season there is time for analysis and working out what could have been done better. But we are in the thick of it now, and if the players are not ready to play then Eddie should be picking others who have more fitness and energy. The team selections have been varied, but it is hard to say how much they have been chosen on previous form or for the type of opposition being played. In training players can look much better, and I'd like to think Howe has been picking players on how well they have been performing.

The players know each others game inside out. Lack of football or not, AFCB's reasons for losing games comes down to not defending well enough, and not being able to score at the pother end. AFCB aren't doing the basics well enough, but let's hope that changes with more football under the players' belt now.

Coastal Garden Buildings
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Saturday, 27 June 2020

Some positives for AFCB fans

While Bournemouth have lost their two opening games of the restart, there are a couple of positive thoughts that Bournemouth fans can take into the next few games. There have been a lot of negatives, but Eddie Howe needn't put his head in the sand just yet.

AFCB have too look at whatever positives they can find.
The first boost for the Cherries is that West Ham and Norwich haven't done any better in the first two games after the restart. Although Brighton look a win away from safety now, Watford and Aston Villa have only managed a point from their games, so it really is all to play for with four teams really battling it out to not go down with Norwich City.


Another positive has been that the goal difference hasn't increased to such an extent that Bournemouth can't get ahead of West Ham and Watford in a few games time, if Bournemouth can get some positive results. Bournemouth also only lost by one goal to Wolves, whereas West Ham lost 0-2 at home which might give Bournemouth players a bit of confidence that they are doing slightly better than West Ham on current form.


The big positive though has been the form of David Brooks. Although he has not scored, he has looked Bournemouth's best attacking player and extremely lively. He should be even sharper as we come to the third and fourth games. and he doesn't usually go too many games without either making an assist or scoring.

Aaron Ramsdale has played okay without having an absolute blinder yet. I get the feeling that Aaron may have a big say yet on whether AFCB stay up or not, and he could make some big saves yet that secure him AFCB's player of the year.

Bournemouth now have just one away game in their next four matches and they have to believe they can get points at home, no matter who they are up against, if they can perform at their highest level. These may not be that many encouraging signs, but AFCB fans need whatever they can hold on to at the moment to keep some belief going.

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Friday, 26 June 2020

Why can't Kelly start for AFCB?

Official AFCB image - Kelly is ready to play, so let's see him.
I have been calling for a change at left back for more than a month now. Adam Smith is okay as a stand in on the left when Bournemouth don't have the recognised bodies fit but there is no need to keep him out there on the left, and he is a weak point in the team in that position, as we have seen against Wolves. If Eddie wants to play him, he should play him on the right side. But seeing how at ease Lloyd Kelly looked at left back, I wouldn't mind him being give an go now.


At the moment what do Bournemouth have to lose in giving Kelly his chance? Things aren't working as they are at the moment and perhaps Kelly is better able to defend on the left and I am sure he would give the team a better balance as would Rico with their left foot. Eddie Howe gets it into his hear that it is okay to play players out of position, but there comes a time when patching up the team like that does more harm than good and Bournemouth need to get back to the basics. They need players who know there roles and their best positions.

Josh King wants to play as a forward, Lloyd Kelly wants to play at left back. Put these players in their favoured positions and let's see how they do. They are likely to play better as they are happy doing the jobs they are supposed to do in those positions. I can't quite work out why Eddie think he can get as much out of the players, when they are doing things that they feel are more unnatural for them. At this stage AFCB need confident players that know the manager trusts in them performing.

While the manager has to give direction and influence to his players he must also listen to what they have to say and see why they feel the team is not playing as well as it should. I am pretty sure many of them will say the balance isn't right, and part of that could be corrected by playing Lloyd Kelly or Diego Rico at eft back - please listen Eddie.

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Can King prove he is a true number 9?

There have been a few doubts about whether Callum Wilson was really on his game. We now know that he won't be playing in AFCB's next two fixtures, but have Bournemouth got a better chance of scoring with Josh King leading the line?
Josh King is likely to come back just in time to replace Callum Wilson.
I wouldn't say Josh King has been playing amazingly well this season. He did okay against Crystal Palace but Bournemouth need better than okay now. He has been sacrificed on the wing too man times, in my opinion, and is always better as a striker in my book. He thrives on the responsibility and he wants to be a big name in the game. So, I will be looking forward to seeing him take on Newcastle United and Manchester United as long as his ankle injury has cleared up.

The main difficult for Bournemouth though is how to score? The team needs to get in the box with more runners and to have options when they are in and around the box. We aren't seeing steady play when Bournemouth get into the last third of the pitch. There isn't enough care over the passing and not enough dynamism in the movement off the ball.


Whether King will be better at finding a route to goal is yet to be seen. He is strong and powerful and doesn't give up easily. I know he can be a real handful when he is on his game. Now that he is playing where he most wants to play, I am hoping he can prove that he is the complete striker. He may well have extra incentive to do well against Man Utd to show them that they should make a bid again for him this summer, but let's hope that is after he has scored a hat-trick at Old Trafford.

I don't necessarily see it as a negative to change things at this time. Callum wasn't scoring, so I am happy for AFCB to try something knew and perhaps it could be the shake up the team needs at this crucial time.

In other news, AFCB confirmed that they are releasing Ryan Fraser, Jermain Defoe and Jordan Ibe on free transfers.

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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Where are AFCB's scoring boots?

The lack of goals for AFCB continues with another blank sheet away at Wolves. Two games and no goals is not what Bournemouth needed at this moment, and while it would be understandable if the shooting was just being stopped by good saves, Bournemouth have only managed one shot on target in their last two games. How is this going to get them out of the relegation zone?
AFCB are running out of chances
Matters have arguably been made worse by the two game ban for Callum Wilson which means a new striker will lead the line in the next two games. It is expected that Howe will rush back Josh King, as Dominic Solanke hasn't shown any ability to score in games. Josh has always wanted to play as the main striker and Bournemouth need him to be goal hungry now.


The problem has been that Bournemouth have played in front of defences and haven't been able to get around the back. When they have got down the sides, the crossing has been poor or indifferent, so Wilson has had nothing to feed off. David Brooks showed how it should be done early in the match  against Wolves getting to the byline and making a drag back but the team seemed to be unable to do that again in the rest of the 90 minutes.

Bournemouth are crying out for good delivery which is why I can't understand why Rico is not getting a game, although I was impressed with Lloyd Kelly's few minutes against Wolves. Everything seems ramshackle and last minute and preparations are perhaps not at their best if the team are unable to get good supply to forwards and no shots are resulting.

The situation can't continue if Bournemouth have any hopes of winning a game. Every time I look at a baffled Eddie Howe I wonder, does he actually have the answers? Have the players stopped listening? Do the players want to improve? Have they already lost heart?

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Goal shy Bournemouth lose again to Wolves 1-0

Match Report
Wolves 1 v 0 AFCB
24 June 2020
Still no goals for AFCB.
Wolves are cruising towards a top six finish. Bournemouth are probably heading the other direction, just as fast. In a stale first half there were no shots on target. Billing was then injured and Wolves started to get more and more of a grip on the game. The heat might have stifled the game's goalmouth action, but Wolves usually manage to get something on target and a JimΓ©nez header broke the deadlock on the hour. We waited to see a response from Bournemouth and Howe put on three subs to try and inject some urgency. Yet, there we were at the end of the game and still no shots on target from AFC Bournemouth.

AFC Bournemouth made two changes for the match against Wolves with Junior Stanislas and Philip Billing coming in for Harry Wilson and Josh King. Danjuma was surprisingly still on the bench instead of starting, and there was still no sign of Sam Surridge again, who was presumably injured. Josh King was also left out of the squad completely, having been injured against Crystal Palace.
Match Description
Bournemouth came out walking down the stand with a home shirt and white shorts and socks. It was 29˚C in the stadium with half of it in shade.

It was a slow steady start with Wolves keeping the ball well. Bournemouth the win a corner in the first few minutes. The keeper came out from the corner and AkΓ© was injured on the back of his head.

Brooks lost the ball in a dangerous spot, but the Cherries recovered. Stacey does well before Brooks puts a cross in behind Callum Wilson. Brooks is starting to get on the ball and making good turns. Stanislas fed Lerma who had a pot shot from 30 yards. Callum Wilson was offside though.

Lerma does well to retain possession in the middle. Stacey gives the ball away and JimΓ©nez can't make the most of it with Steve Cook getting a boot in. Neves then fires a shot wide from 20 yards.

Steve Cook gets an important challenge in after Billing's mistake, but it's a Wolves corner. Billing heads well and Bournemouth have a free kick. Lerma over hits a pass.

Bournemouth have a free kick and a chance to get the ball in the box on 18 minutes. Brooks hits it and it's gone behind for a corner. Jota and Adam Smith have a race on with the long kick up field and Adam Smith is fouled.

Adam Smith clears well Lerma and Lewis Cook get on the ball. Billing wins a free kick near the corner flag. Brooks to take and its cleared by the first Wolves player. The players are now having drinks.

Stacey does well to block Otto. Another free kick to Bournemouth who have looked comfortable. Callum Wilson has been cut down and SaΓ―ss is booked. Billing takes a long throw. Stanislas has it. Stanislas has two goes at a cross but they both fail.


Stacey clears up from Adam Smith's mistake. Quite a few players have been losing their feet. TraorΓ© wins a corner for Wolves on 31 minutes. AkΓ© finally clears after some careful defending from Billing. 

The heat has definitely taken the pace out of the game. Stacey does well and Billing hits it but it's blocked. TraorΓ© now beats three players and Brooks pulls him down to get a yellow card.

It's 35 yards out and hit by Neves high out of play. Steve Cook is booked for taking down Jota, left side of the box. Ramsdale came out and didn't get to it, but it's come off a Wolves head for a goal kick.

Wolves are starting to get some steam up. Ramsdale has the ball safely. Callum Wilson is booked and will miss the Newcastle and Man City games. Wilson clattered PatrΓ­cio and that's costly. Stanislas gives the ball away.

Neves fouls Brooks and is carded. TraorΓ© gets a cross in but Stacey clears. AkΓ© just gets back in time to stop Jota. Four minutes are added. Stanislas and AkΓ© do some good heading back to the keeper.

Bournemouth defend deep. TraorΓ© switches to the right side but Neves shafts his shot under pressure from Lewis Cook.

Jota picks the ball up from Stacey's mistake and TraorΓ© has a shot but hits it over the bar under pressure from AkΓ©.
Second half
TraorΓ©'s cross is headed away by AkΓ©. Billing has come out with a strapped left leg and he is coming off. Gosling is coming on. Ramsdale catches another TraorΓ© cross.

Stacey fouls Otto. Billing stays on for the free kick. It bounces through to Ramsdale off Billing's boot. Stacey to the byline and wins a corner.

Gosling is on for Billing on 50 minutes. Stanislas can't beat the first man from the corner. Brook's cross is gathered by PatrΓ­cio. Wolves are stretching play now.

Otto beats Stacey but Gosling blocks for a corner to Wolves. Lerma wins the header. It's all Wolves possession. Traore's cross is knocked away by Stacey.

Stacey puts a great low cross in but it doesn't fall to a Bournemouth player. Lewis Cook gets back to stop a Wolves break.

Bournemouth are only getting snippets of possession. TraorΓ© puts in a deep cross on 60 minutes and JimΓ©nez has scored with a close header at the far post. He got in between Stacey and Steve Cook and that's the clean sheet gone again.

Neto comes on for Jota on 62 minutes.

Lerma puts the ball out, awful. Danjuma, Harry Wilson and Solanke are getting ready to come on. Wolves have a corner. Off go Brooks, Stanislas and Lerma on 66 minutes.

Smith gets a good tackle on TraorΓ©. TraorΓ© is subbed for Dendonker on 72 minutes. Wolves in a corner with 13 minutes to go. Lewis Cook blocks for another Wolves' corner. Boli sees the ball bounces off him and Ramsdale manages to keep it out.

Stacey's cross only finds PatrΓ­cio. Bournemouth are at least getting to see some of the ball now. But Wolves have everyone behind the ball. 

Loyd Kelly comes on for Stacey on 82 minutes to make his Premier League debut. Bournemouth corner and Danjuma goes for the top corner, but get's no bend on it.

Lewis Cook makes a foul. Still no shots on targets for Bournemouth. Moutinho is booked for fouling Adam Smith. Callum Wilson is offside. Kelly almost picked him out.


Podence and Gibbs-White come on and off go. Four added minutes go up. Ramsdale comes out to head the ball and Doendoncker has a long shot but it's wide of the goal. A late free kick to Bournemouth. It's a throw. Kelly takes the throw. Patricio claims it.

Neto comes away with the ball, straight through Callum Wilson and on he goes past another but he shoots wide.

It just isn't happening for Eddie Howe and AFC Bournemouth. They are now without Callum Wilson for the next two games and with no shots on target you have to ask where are the goals going to come from? It was an improved performance, but no cutting-edge and Wolves only needed the one opportunity to ad further gloom for the Cherries. We knew TraorΓ© would be trouble on the wing. We knew JimΓ©nez is a great goal scorer, but the Bournemouth defence could do nothing against this threat. Wolves made precision crosses, Bournemouth couldn't beat the first man when crossing. A point would have been amazing, but you just can't see Bournemouth scoring. Bournemouth are now staring down the barrel.
AFCB Subs: 1 Boruc, 4 Gosling, 6 Surman, 9 Solanke, 14 Danjuma,
21 Rico, 22 H Wilson, 26 Kelly, 33 Mepham

AFCB Ratings:
Ramsdale 5, Stacey 6, S Cook 5, AkΓ© 6, A Smith 5, Billing 6, Brooks 6, L Cook 5, Lerma 5, Stanislas 5, C Wilson 5 

Cherry Chimes man of the match: Jack Stacey

Ref Watch Michael Oliver 6/10

11 Rui PatrΓ­cio, 15 Boly, 16 Coady, 27 SaΓ―ss, 2 Doherty, 8 Neves,
28 JoΓ£o Moutinho (Podence 89), 
19 Castro Otto, 37 TraorΓ© (Dendoncker 72),
9 JimΓ©nez (Gibbs-White 89), 18 Jota (Neto)

Wolves Subs
6 Cavaco JordΓ£o, 7 Neto, 10 Castelo Podence, 17 Gibbs-White, 21 Ruddy, 29 Vinagre,
32 Dendoncker, 49 Kilman, 59 Buur

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Can AFCB get their first away win in 2020?

Looking at the fixture against Wolves, it is hard to make a case for Bournemouth romping away to a big win at Wolves. Still, crazier things have happened, and Bournemouth will start the game with a chance to change the mood. At the moment every one is down, but if Bournemouth were to beat Wolves, it would transform expectations again.
Are AFCB ready to restart with a win this time?
Of course, Bournemouth shouldn't get anywhere near Wolves. The stage is set for an easy home win for Wolves, and in some respects that is probably what Bournemouth want Wolves players to think. If a team is just slightly over confident and doesn't do the basics well things can change quickly.


Bournemouth need to change things in midfield. They have been getting overrun and a change in formation may be considered. Wolves usually play 3-5-2 and Bournemouth might do similar, although I expect Howe to keep a four at the back. Going forward there just hasn't been enough creativity and at the back the goals keep going in. Bournemouth have to look to themselves to sort their performances out and not worry about Wolves. If they keep gifting goals they can't expect to win, and I' like to see a very controlled and confident defensive performance from the Cherries. Get the defence right and the Cherries stay in the game which is important - eight draws could even be enough to stay up and you never know if the team could scrape a penalty or a goal from a set-piece.

The pressure is on and the players know it. Another performance like they put in against Crystal Palace won't be well accepted by the fans, so it will be another tough mental battle for the Cherries as they take on Wolves.
AFCB Away Form
Wolves Home Form


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Possible AFCB line up
AFCB Subs: Boruc, A Smith, Kelly, Mepham, Francis, Billing, Surman, Surridge, Solanke 

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