Sunday, 30 September 2018

Is Junior likely to get the start over Brooks?

I noted that Eddie Howe was keen to stress after the Burnley defeat that he was happy with how David Brooks played and that his game could easily be lost in the 4-0 defeat. While Brooks didn't play against Chelsea, he has managed to start most games and has lasted around 70 minutes in most of them. But now it is not just Jordan Ibe that wants that starting place, and Junior Stanislas is already getting minutes.
Can Junior push out Brooks and Ibe from the team to start?
I expect Eddie Howe will try and manage both Brooks and Stanislas, as Junior has had a lot of injuries through his career, and Brooks has not yet had a full Premier League season. Jordan Ibe has also been knocking on the door having scored against Milton Keynes and Blackburn Rovers in the Carabao Cup, and Eddie Howe hasn't made it clear how far ahead Brooks might have been in the selection process. Having seen the team lose heavily against Burnley, and Eddie mention that Brooks had a good game it is hard to see him pulling Brooks out just yet. Still, Stanislas has a quality finish to his game as we saw against Blackburn.

While Brooks is getting into good positions to score, he has found it difficult to get his first Premier League goal. Now there is competition with Stanislas and Ibe wanting to get games and Howe has to look at who is most likely to be the better finisher and provider on the right side, because most of Bournemouth's play continues to come from Fraser and there has to be a better balance to the team.

While other players have been scoring there hasn't been a worry about Brooks not scoring yet. The crossing and understanding with Adam Smith is probably what Howe has liked most about Brooks' game, but both Ibe and Stanislas are used to seeing double figures in terms of game time.

I don't see why Stanislas can't get the nod to start against Crystal Palace. If he does he will be ahead of schedule in my book, which perhaps would say more about Junior than it would about Jordan Ibe or David Brooks. But Brooks will be fresher having not played
in mid-week.

In other news, AFCB were handed a home tie against Norwich City in the Carabao Cup fourth round.

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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Do AFCB need to get to a cup semi-final or final?

Bournemouth have been in the Premier League for a forth season now and just being in that league is not perhaps the pinnacle that we all thought getting their might be. It is fantastic that AFCB are in the top division, after so many years of being in the wilderness, but what would a cup semi-final or final do to the club?
Domestic cup success would take the club to another level.
I can't imagine what a thrill it would be. It would be epic to go to Wembley in the latter stages of a cup competition and for Eddie Howe to win some more silverware to go with the Championship trophy. But there would be a potential downside of success making it harder to keep the team together, and European football could just come too early. But Howe would be sensible enough to know that the club would just have to deal with whatever comes with success, because he and the club have been doing that year after year already.

Making that next step is a big leap. But Bournemouth have the players to beat any team in the country on their day and making it to the last two rounds of a cup competition should not seem daunting anymore. Now that AFCB are through to the fourth round of the Carabao Cup they only need a couple of good rounds to be in the a real position of making it to the last few teams again. It could happen this season, and I think the way the team played last season, against teams like Chelsea and Arsenal, is something that the players can draw upon in any semi-final or final. We have seen Southampton get to a final recently, so why can't the Cherries?

The club has been stable in the Premier League and it should be looking for new targets all the time. It may not mean much to some Premier League clubs to win the Carabao Cup, but I think for Bournemouth it would be a huge achievement and a sign that the club is still progressing. So I'm hoping for a couple of lucky home games to help Bournemouth get to their first semi-final in a domestic cup competition this season. It doesn't have to be seen as a negative when there are more important Premier League games to play, it might even be a platform to greater things.

Look out for the draw for the fourth round of the Carabao Cup today at 9pm on Freeview channel 37.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Can Ibe start to make a bigger impact?

I've been surprised that Jordan Ibe has not been getting more game time since the start of this season. He had a really good spell of games last year when he was never out of the team, and he started to add goals to his game. He has scored in the last two Carabao Cup games for the Cherries, but he is capable of pushing himself in the Premier League starting 11 and I expect him to come through strong at some stage of the season.
Ibe is getting on the score sheet but needs more to start games.
While he has a lot of competition for places, Ibe has now been at the club long enough to know that he has the ability to hold down a winger position when he has been playing well. He hasn't quite the experience of Stanislas, but he should be trying to keep his goal scoring at a high level in training if he wants to displace those that are ahead of him.

I think it is harder for a player like Ibe to be on the sidelines than for Marc Pugh who has seen it and done it all before. But Ibe knows that Brooks and Fraser are happy to take the shirt off of him. He has to find something within himself to give Howe a reason to be picked. Scoring in the Carabao Cup games is a good start. But we have seen Fraser take on extra duties like free kicks and corners and I'd imagine its that sort of desire that has propelled Fraser to becoming one of the first names on the team sheet.

The last couple of seasons have seen Ibe do well at beating his man and then not always find the past or making the right decision in and around the box. If he can start to do better in that area, I believe he can still be a big player for Bournemouth this season. Even getting 10 minutes as a substitute is not something that he has been getting in the Premier League, and if that hurts Jordan then he needs to start showing it in his football, because a more revved up Jordan Ibe may just be the making of him on the football pitch.

Conceding goals one after another

There is a pattern that has started to develop that is very worrying when Bournemouth concede a goal. It has just taken a couple of minutes after conceding in both the Leicester and Burnley games, and now against Blackburn Rovers. The Cherries seem hell bent on let another goal in just minutes after conceding their first goal.
Bournemouth's four goal shower at Burnley stripped
away much of the shine from the goal's against column.
There seems to be a problem in concentration when the Cherries have been breached and it really shouldn't be something that happens on a regular basis. While six goals have been scored past Begovic in the last two league games, AFCB can't say that they have been defending well. What is disappointing is the response from the players once they have seen a goal go in against them. We are used to seeing a stiff fight back and a will to get back and hurt the opposition with so many comebacks in the last year.

Has the fight gone out of the Cherries when they don't score first? The first goal in games has never been so important for this team it would seem. With a goal in the bag and the crowd behind them, Bournemouth fly. But when things don't start as well, Bournemouth have struggled. They did find a way to get back against Everton at home after a poor start, but against Burnley they failed to find the quality in the last third to get themselves back into the game.

When Bournemouth concede a goal we need to see more of the controlled possession and creative zeal to get them back into the game. Bournemouth had their moments to try and get back against Burnley, but the execution of the shooting was poor. But where Bournemouth lost the game against Burnley was in the three minutes of the first half when Burnley scored twice. Bournemouth can't continue to be so vulnerable, after they have just gone a goal behind.

Meanwhile, the Bournemouth Eco reports that Marc Pugh scored twice as the U21' beat a QPR side 9-0 at Canford Park Arena

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Has Carabao Cup win given Bournemouth the lift they needed?

The dramatic way in which Bournemouth won through against Blackburn Rovers in the Carabao Cup should be a morale booster for the squad. It took the likes of Josh King, Marc Pugh and Callum Wilson to come on and make a difference for the Cherries to get over the line and to avoid penalties in a game that was starting to slip away from them, as Blackburn had made a spirited comeback.
Bournemouth had a fright against Blackburn but came through stronger.
While it is important to win games to keep a dressing room happy, I think the way in which games are won can have the biggest impact on how players feel after a win. The scenes on Tuesday night were evidence that Bournemouth were over the moon to have gotten through a really difficult game which could have swung away from them, and with penalties it would have been down to mental toughness and holding the nerves to get over the line. The way Wilson wanted to get on the end of that last minute cross will have done wonders for the team this week.

It is even better that Wilson was the player that got the goal as we know how important it is for him to know that he is scoring goals. Having been at home the players responded well to being pegged back to 2-2 and that all helps the togetherness of the team after a week when its performance had dipped against Burnley.

Now there is a fresh feel to the training pitch and the players can look forward to their next game knowing they are in the hat for the next round of the cup.

Why do AFCB chase games naively at times?

Eddie Howe was not that pleased with the way Bournemouth went after Burnley when they were 2-0 down. The second half goals will be carefully studied as they were similar to the way Leicester City came back at Bournemouth only a week earlier.
Eddie Howe ponders the logic of how best to chase games.
Bournemouth seemed not to have the pace to see out counter-attacks against them, and when the ball is crossed into the box, Bournemouth are finding that there is often only one defender back in place, as others have been sucked wide. Opposition teams are not coming through the middle, but down the sides. But each time teams attack down the wings and get crosses in, the marking has to be tight.

Of course, had Bournemouth got a goal against Burnley to bring the game back to 2-1 we could have seen a very different end to the game. I think because Bournemouth didn't get the goal, but had come close that they over pressed and left the back door too exposed when they were up against the pace of a player like Aaron Lennon.


Eddie Howe has to look at how they could have done better in that situation, because there will be other games when the Cherries are in a similar position. While Bournemouth have been the experts at coming back from losing positions, they may just be starting to be less patient when they are behind and the errors are starting to be leaped on.

The naivety of Bournemouth's defending is what narks the manager. It needs to be more disciplined and able to recover when breaks are on against it. Bournemouth have experienced defenders, so improving should not be a difficult lesson for them.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Wilson can have a big smile on his face again

The form of Callum Wilson is going to be key for Bournemouth this season. Callum only had some 20 minutes to make an impact against Blackburn Roversm but he came good with a special spell. While Eddie Howe will be disappointed that two goals were conceded again in the Carabao Cup, when Wilson is on form Bournemouth can get results.
Callum nets his third goal of the season.
Callum was unlucky when he hit the cross bar just before getting his late winner. It is rare for Callum to score headed goals, but he made his effort count just in time against Blackburn. Callum needed a goal and he will be pleased to have just made a contribution after some goalless games, even if his general play has been good.

What I do like about Callum is that he can have a quite game and still score a goal when he has not seen much of the ball. That's why it was a surprise to me against Burnley when he was substituted. He does seem to specialise in late goals and that's no bad thing.

While Howe could have been beginning to think a change up top might be necessary, Callum is now much more likely to keep his starting place. The Blackburn game also saw a good appearance from Marc Pugh and sometimes I think being familiar with what Callum wants in terms of a delivery can help the team, so maybe Callum just needed someone like Pugh to help him get back on the scoring path.

Wilson's late winner beats Blackburn Rovers 3-2

AFCB v Blackburn Rovers

25 September 2018

Carabao Cup 3rd round

AFCB official image: AFCB win through to fourth round.
A Callum Wilson stoppage time header put the Cherries through to the fourth round of the Carabao Cup in a five goal thriller at Dean Court. Junior Stanislas got Bournemouth off to a great start in the Carabao Cup with his first goal of the season after 14 minutes when he converted a cross from Simon Francis. Jordan Ibe then made it 2-0 early in the second half from the penalty spot after he had been brought down by Darragh Lenihan, but Blackburn fought back with Craig Conway unleashing a powerful shot from distance that beat Artur Boruc and Ming's foul on Brereton in the box gave a penalty to Blackburn which Adam Armstrong scored from to make it 2-2 with 19 minutes to go. Everything looked set for penalties until added time when Williams received a straight red for a fouling Callum Wilson and for handball. Wilson then scored from the corner heading in to make it 3-2 in stoppage time.

Bournemouth put out a strong team to play Blackburn with Adam Smith and Jefferson Lerma keeping their places from the weekend's game against Burnley. Junior Stanislas was given his first start to the season.
Live match texts

1 | Here we go... We're off and underway in round three of the Carabao Cup

8 | Great play on the right. Francis puts a low ball into the box, it hits a Rovers defender, and almost deflects in, but Raya does well to claw over.

14 | He's back!! Francis does well to get down on the right and pulls one back for Stanislas, who hits it on the volley and fires home! 1-0

29 | Good block by Mings. The defender throws himself in front of an Armstrong corner to avert the danger for now.

32 | So close to a second! Francis again bursts down the right and swings one in for Defoe, but it takes an excellent save from Raya to keep the shot out.

35 | Brilliant through ball by Stanislas. Defoe races forward to latch onto the winger's ball, but the Rovers 'keeper gets there first.

37 | Raya to the rescue for Rovers again. Defoe is found in space in the box, but the 'keeper makes himself big and saves well.
AFCB official image: half-time - Junior celebrates his goal
46 | We're back underway here at Vitality Stadium.

53 | Dangerous ball by Mousset. The Frenchman puts a low ball into the box and the Rovers defender is forced to clear for a corner.

56 | Penalty for the Cherries! Ibe is fouled on the by-line and the referee points straight to the spot. 1-0

58 | Ibe steps up and sends the 'keeper the wrong way to give his side a two-goal cushion.

61 | Really good build-up play for the Cherries. Stanislas finds Ibe who squares for Defoe, but the striker's curling effort is just over.

62 | Goal for Blackburn. Conway shoots from range and finds the back of the net to reduce the deficit.

64' - Substitution for #Rovers, with Butterworth replacing Palmer. 2-1.

69 | A double change for the go Mousset and Stanislas on come Pugh, King

70 | Penalty for Blackburn. Mings brings down Brereton and the referee points to the spot.

71 | Boruc goes the right way, but Armstrong's shot goes in off the post.

73 | A final change for the Cherries... Defoe off and Wilson on

82' - Substitution for #Rovers, with Travis on in place of Brereton. 2-2.

83 | The Cherries work it forward and it falls to Ibe, who's eventual shot is saved by Raya.

90+2 | Red card for Blackburn!Williams is shown a straight red for handling the ball under pressure from Wilson.

90+4 | Super Cal!! The forward jumps highest from a corner to head in past Raya!

What a finish. A last-minute winner from Wilson sees us progress to round four

AFCB Line-up
AFCB Subs: Aké, Pugh, Wilson, King, Travers, Dobre, Ofoborh

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Blackburn are worthy opponents in the Carabao Cup

Blackburn Rovers have had a pretty productive start to their season. They have got themselves within two points of the play-off positions in the Championship and their Carabao Cup form has seen some high scoring with a 1-5 away win at Carlisle Utd in the last round and a 4-1 defeat of Lincoln City in the first round.
AFCB lining up against Blackburn back in 2015, when it was a 0-0 draw.
Premier League clubs are already looking at Bradley Dack who was the League One player of the year last season and he has started in impressive form in the Championship with four goals so far. Dack scored two goals and had an assist in the match against Carlisle. Adam Armstrong is another of their players in form who made it 11 goals in 23 appearances when Blackburn played Carlisle. Danny Graham didn't play in the last round of the Carabao Cup, but he has formed a good partnership with Dack and is the experienced striker in Blackburn's squad.

Kasey Palmer is on loan from Chelsea and he scored in the last two rounds of the Carabao Cup for Blackburn so is a likely starter. Joe Nuttall may also feature as an attacker.

Tony Mowbray has the players' confidence up after their 2-3 win over Stoke City in the league and Blackburn have only lost one game this season to Bristol Rovers on 2nd September. Blackburn were 3-0 up though against Stoke in their last match and had to hang on for the win, so seeing out wins might be something that Blackburn would find hard if they do get in front at Dean Court.

Lewis Cook will get a game tonight

Lewis Cook is still waiting for his first Premier League start this season. He is not the only one in Bournemouth's squad in that position, but you wouldn't know it looking on social media last Saturday when the team to face Burnley was announced. Surman was the winner, I suppose, when Dan Gosling was forced out of the team over a calf injury, but the reaction from some fans was rather strong, considering that Surman has been starting games ahead of Lewis Cook so far this season.

Appearances have been hard to come by  for Lewis.
Eddie Howe knows what qualities Lewis Cook has and how well he is playing in training. He should know better than us who is best to play against a Burnley side who propped up the table. While we all want our favourites to start, the season is a long one and players will move in and out of the team.

Come tonight, it is most likely that Lewis Cook will be starting against Blackburn Rovers, and if he can have a good game, he will be in with a chance of getting more game time. While Eddie Howe didn't feel that the performance was deserving of a 4-0 defeat at Burnley, there are obviously things that the team didn't do well and the midfield was part of that.

Having made a change last Saturday though to central midfield, it won't look a settled side at all if Surman or Lerma are dropped in the next league match, unless Dan Gosling is ready to come back. So Lewis Cook may still find himself on the bench against Crystal Palace, and I get the impression that this is more frustrating for the home fans than it may be for Lewis himself, who knows how good he has to be to get into the team as he has done it before.

Monday, 24 September 2018

What happened to Bournemouth at Burnley?

Eddie Howe felt that Bournemouth had their opportunity to do well against Burnley but simply didn't find a way to stamp their authority in the game. The Cherries certainly managed to survive the first half hour in good enough shape to be in the game and start to create some chances, of which, Nathan Aké's diverted shot that hit the cross bar was the closest that Bournemouth came to getting in front.
Bournemouth couldn't capitalise on early play.
So where did thins go wrong from there? I felt that the Cherries didn't get close enough to Gudmundsson on the right wing for most of the first half. The crosses just kept coming in and they caused a lot of problems. Diego Rico was subbed at half time with the team going to a back three and that did stem the flow of the game that by that time was running in Burnley's favour, who were 2-0 up. But there was no power in Bournemouth's shooting and no belief that they would get the third goal and force their way back into the game.

The chances that did fall to Brooks and Lerma were the closest that the Cherries came to getting somewhere in the second half, and we didn't see King or Wilson really look like the players that would break Bournemouth's duck. A few runs from Ryan Fraser through the middle did give glimpses of the creative energy that the Cherries required, but it was the inability to cope with Burnley's breaks that eventually led to the big scoreline.

When Bournemouth are up against it we need to see more from players in the middle of the park like Lerma and Surman to get in and win balls and fight harder. Howe now has some difficult decisions to make in whether he sticks with the same players or makes some changes for the next league game. The absence of Dan Gosling may well have had more of a negative impact than Howe was expecting.

Expectations drop for AFCB

The early good start for Bournemouth certainly came crashing to an end at Turf Moor. It wasn't just that Bournemouth lost the game, but they came out on the wrong side of a beating. Four goals was perhaps far worse sounding than the game looked to Eddie Howe, but the Cherries didn't look like scoring and Burnley didn't look anything like a bottom side in the table.
What went wrong at Burnley?
Now that the Cherries have slipped out of the top six and sit more amongst the teams that have been gradually finding their feet, there is a need for Bournemouth to stabilise their performances quickly of they are not to start sliding into the bottom half of the table. Expectations have been high for the first few weeks and now the fans might have to readjust to the new reality that AFCB really are not the finished article yet as Eddie Howe alluded to after the win against Leicester. There were signs in that game that all things were not quite as they might seem when Leicester scored two late goals and against Burnley the team continued to play in a similar way to how they had in the last 10 minutes of the Leicester match.
Taken before the start of the season, I think most Bournemouth fans would suggest that games against Burnley and Leicester could go either way and that draws would not be unlikely. So to have gained three points form the two fixtures is not such a bad tally. The need now is to learn from the mistakes in the two games and to find some positivity again going into forthcoming games. It's been a good start and now it's a case of just trying to take each game as it comes.

While Bournemouth still have a few weeks before they come up against the top six teams they can get a few wins to ensure they maintain that top half position in what looks to be a very competitive league. Bournemouth may have to accept that there will be periods when they win a few games and lose a few if their performances just come off a little.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Bournemouth stumble to 4-0 defeat at Turf Moor

Burnley 4 v 0 AFCB
22 September 2018
Attendance: 18,636

Turf Moor fills up - picture taken by Michael Dunne (All Departments)
Bournemouth were brought back down to earth by a three-minute first half blitz of Burnley goals that knocked the Cherries back. While Aké came close to getting one goal as his shot deflected off the bar. Burnley were great in front of goal with Vydra and Lennon finishing with ease in the first 45 minutes. A change of shape did see some improvement from Bournemouth, but Brooks missed the Cherries best chance to score and even with Stanislas and Defoe trying to rescue the scoreline, Ashley Barnes added further punishment with two late goals to give the former Burnley manager, Eddie Howe, plenty to think about as Burnley get their first win of the season.
Bournemouth come away with a heavy second away defeat.
Eddie Howe made a change to the Bournemouth starting 11 with Dan Gosling not travelling and Andrew Surman making his fourth start of the season and captaining the side. Tyrone Mings and Junior Stanislas also made it on to Bournemouth's bench. It was questionable what Lewis Cook had to do to get back into the side, while there was no Lys Mousset.

Match description
Burnley make a quick start up the right with Gudmundsson, but Lennon's shot is blocked. Gudmundsson runs into Fraser but no foul is given. Mee and Wilson are having a wrestling match.

Burnley are controlling the game.  Fraser makes a good run and finds Wilson, but Surman's shot is blocked.King and Wilson keep the ball well but Burnley smother Bournemouth in the end.

Brooks gets on the ball. Fraser has a shot blocked. A good three minutes fro Bournemouth, eight minutes gone.Rico puts a good early cross in. King crosses but Wilson can't quite get to it in the air.

Lerma fouls Westwood but isn't booked. Adam Smith makes a good clearance. Josh King fouls Taylor with his elbow. Adam Smith is now fouled by Lennon.

Surman plays a good ball out to Rico, Fraser has a shot deflected for a Bournemouth corner on 17 minutes. Brooks gets the ball in eventually and Aké's shot is deflected off Mee and goes up high and off the bar! 17 minutes gone.

The Cherries are starting to apply pressure. Brooks has a shot from distance but it's straight at Joe Hart. Gudmundsson now has a corner off of Adam Smith on 20 minutes.

Jack Cork over to Taylor, and it's out for another corner. Vokes misses a good opportunity, Steve Cook got in there just in time. King into Brooks and Hart gets to the ball. 

Tarkowski heads away. Cork away and Gudmundsson and Burnley have another corner off Aké on 25 minutes. Wilson heads away and Taylor's volley is wide. Begovoc came for the ball but didn't get there.

Lerma is caught in possession. Lowton to Vokes and Steve Cook gets a header in. Westwood looking for Vokes, goal kick. Half hour gone.

Rico is taken out by Lowton and gets a yellow card. Aké and Vokes having a tussle. the offside flag is up. Wilson gets behind Tarkowski, but it's a foul.

Adam Smith and King towards Wilson and he slides in but can't get there. It's a corner to Bournemouth. Rico and Aké tries to gets  header. Lerma shoots well wide. 

Lerma and Cork clash heads. Cork puts in a cross from the left. Vokes has a shot, Westwood hits his own man. Westwood again, Aké' blocks and it's come out to Vydra, who has scored. 1-0 to Burnley. Vydra was five yards out on 39 minutes.

Ball to the back post from Gudmundsson and it's 2-0! Lennon has slid in and scored to put Burnley well in control. Steve Cook couldn't make the header. Burnley have scored twice in two minutes. Adam Smith lost his man and the ball went passed everyone to land with Lennon.

Aké wins a free kick. Lerma and Surman to Rico. Gudmundsson gets a tackle in. Aké mis-controls the ball. Burnley up to Lenon again. King now and Fraser is fouled. That's half-time with Bournemouth 2-0 down.

Second half
Bournemouth have gone three at the back and have subbed Rico for Francis. Francis on the wing. Surman and Lerma. The pass is too strong for Fraser.

Lerma 30 yards out has a go and just sees it skim over the goal. Vokes to Vydra and Francis gets a toe in. Burnley down the left. Aké clears.

Lowton and Vokes with a shot just past the post. Begovic was worried and was down to his left. Lennon for Taylor and Francis tries to block. Adam Smith and King. Surman and Lerma into Fraser drives at goal and Taylor blocks for a throw in. Steve Cook  takes the long throw.

Surman and Fraser, over to Francis but Joe Hart catches the cross. Gudmundsson looks for a shot but Begovic saves well in front of Vydra.

Brooks away from Westwood and Westwood is carded. Free-kick to Bournemouth 25-yards out. Fraser and Francis are standing over the ball. It's a four-man wall. Fraser hits it past the left post.

Lennon attacks Francis and Steve Cook clears. Brooks down the middle. Fraser to King Fraser to Lerma who didn't hit the shot at all well - easy for Hart. Burnley sub Vydra with Chris Woods on 58 minutes.

Gudmundsson ball into Woods but the header is off target. King ball onto Brooks in the penalty area and a great save from Brooks left foot. Best chance for Bournemouth.

Adam Smith to King who fires over. Francis puts Lerma in a spot. Lennon in the box to Lowton and Begovic has to clear. King and Lerma come forward. Fraser on the right. Brooks gets the corner off Westwood.

Junior Stanislas is warming up. Bournemouth need something. Adam Smith and Brooks, King hist the side netting. Stanislas comes on for Wilson on 68 minutes. Barnes also replaces Vokes on 69 minutes.

Stanislas gets his first touch. Brooks and Francis in for King. Mee clears. Fraser ball in and Bournemouth have a corner. 

Bournemouth are not getting enough pressure on the Burnley goal. Hart has not been tested. Stanislas gets a free-kick off Cork. Last 15 minutes. Adam Smith and Stanislas, Francis might shoot, Fraser to Stanislas and he misses the ball on the far post.

Defoe is coming on. Adam Smith comes off on 78 minutes. Brooks to Defoe to King, Defoe again and Taylor heads clear. Francis' cross, it's cleared. 

Lennon beats Francis and the ball comes off the post by Gudmundsson and Ashley Barnes is there to make it 3-0. 

King is brought down, but the whistle goes for an earlier offence with Brooks being pulled down. Tarkowski on King was surely a penalty otherwise.

Stanislas hits the free-kick well but Hart saves. Stanislas turns well in the penalty area and pulls it back for Brooks, but Hart saves with his legs. Bournemouth just have no power in their final shots.

Burnley break. Westwood to Lennon. Barnes has made it 4-0 on the break! That's it Bournemouth aren't coming back from this. "A rude awakening for Bournemouth,'' says Chris Temple.

Three minutes of added time. Bournemouth are well beaten here. 
A bad day at the office for AFCB.
Bournemouth frankly didn't deserve the 4-0 beating, but they didn't do well at shutting the back door in the second half when the game was running away from them. The only player that will come out well from this is Dan Gosling who didn't play. Joe Hart was never tested enough to give Burnley many problems and there were no heroics this time from Begovic at the other end. Perhaps Tyrone Mings will now get a chance in mid-week along with Lewis Cook and Howe will tell a few players that this simply was far below the standard that his team should be producing away from home. While Burnley were desperate for the points, Bournemouth just wanted to get out of the ground. Gudmundsson and Lennon were just able to cross at will and Bournemouth didn't cope with the ball into the box. The scoreline was embarrassing for the Cherries, but they would have scored two or three goals with a bit better finishing.
Not much fun for the away fans that travelled up to Turf Moor.
AFCB Subs: Boruc, Francis, Mings, L Cook, Stanislas, Ibe, Defoe.
AFCB Ratings
Begovic 5, A Smith 5 , S Cook 6, Aké 5, Rico 6, Brooks 7, Lerma 5, Surman 5, Fraser 6, King 5, Wilson 5

MoM: David Brooks

Referee Watch: Anthony Taylor - 3/10 he wasn't the cause for Bournemouth's poor play but it was more or less a toss of a coin to who he was going to give free-kicks to at times and he chose to pull play back to an earlier offence when King was taken down in the box.

Hart, Lowton, Tarkowski, Mee, Taylor, Lennon, Cork, Westwood, Gudmundsson, Vydra (Wood 60), Vokes (Barnes 69)

Burnley Subs
Heaton, Bardsley, Long, McNeil, Hendrick, Woods, Barnes

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Bournemouth must make the most of Burnley's lack of confidence

Sean Dyche has said this week that 'Burnley aren't a million miles away from getting a result', but they are far enough away that they haven't been picking up points. Bournemouth can take that one of two ways, and it's Eddie Howe that must convince his players that they are the strong team and the ones that will get the result, if they put in a good performance.
Ryan Fraser may be Burnley's biggest fear.
Bournemouth must first match Burnley's energy and intent and let their football flow. Bournemouth have been enjoying their football. Winning games has been great for morale but it's been particularly positive for the new signings that have come in. There is a freshness to Bournemouth's game and yet there are still some parts of their play that can be worked on, says Howe.

While Ryan Fraser is likely to become a more marked man, there is hopefully more space for some of Bournemouth's other strikers. Josh King is yet to score from open play and will have find memories of scoring at Turf Moor last season as will Callum Wilson who grabbed the winner last May. Burnley are in a far more precarious position at the start of this season, and if decisions early on go against Burnley, Bournemouth should keep their cool and look to make the most of any set-plays they get.


Any balls put into Burnley's box will put their defenders on edge and the more Bournemouth can make Burnley look at their own goal in the first 20 minutes, the more likely I feel the Cherries are to get a result. But Joe Hart is in great form, so we need to see some precision shooting from the Cherries again. Keeping the pressure on Sean Dyche's players requires Bournemouth to play their game and restrict Burnley from getting any cohesion or momentum, because if Burnley do get a goal up Bournemouth could find that Burnley's players suddenly feel that they are back to doing what they did last season.
Josh King will be after his first goal in open play.
Beating Burnley this season, just like last season at Turf Moor would be a great result. But this season to get a win up there is probably going to be even harder to achieve, because Burnley can't afford to lose anymore ground on the teams above them. Bournemouth have to dishearten Burnley to break them. and that's going to need a team ready to fight hard for every ball up at Turf Moor. I just hope Bournemouth are ready for a battle.

AFCB possible line up
AFCB Subs: Boruc, Mings, Francis, Surman, L Cook, Ibe, Mousset.

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Sean Dyche's pre-match press conference on Bournemouth match.