Thursday, 4 February 2021

Bournemouth had to make the change - but who is in next?

Jason Tindall's record probably doesn't sit too badly against some former AFCB managers who won't have had the chance to have managed in the Championship. But when the Chairman and owner told the fans before the season began that promotion was the goal, then Tndall had to fall on his sword with the promotion places slipping away and four defeats and one draw in the last five league matches.

Taking the manager's job is always a gamble
and it just didn't work out for Jason Tindall.

After 27 games, 11 wins and nine draws it is the seven defeats that have shot up in recent weeks that have seen the end of JT. The logic of sacking Jason now is probably not that great having just had a window and let him pick the players he wanted to come in. Arguably the decline could be seen at the end of December and Bournemouth should have acted then, but Jason's long history with the club probably gave him more time.

Now the club must look forward. It has been a tumultuous last eight months with Eddie Howe and Jason going along with many senior players. The club needs a new standard to get behind and an inspirational manager. I know that Johnathan Woodgate, as interim manager, is in the prime position to take the role, but I don't see that as lighting the excitement flame with the players and fans. It's the steady option that won't cost a fortune, so Woodgate is rightly favourite to move things on.
I'd like an expressive and progressive manager. Frank Lampard has been linked but his wage bill is going to be high and his aspirations are no doubt much higher than seeing AFCB return to the Premier League. He has good recent experience though with Derby in this league and I think he would inspire people at the club with fresh ideas, but he'd also bring the media circus with him as would John Terry.
There will be some who will hark back to Eddie Howe and another return but Bournemouth need a fresh face now and a real desire to win games. I hope board looks carefully at up-and-coming managers perhaps in the Championship or League One. Too often the club looks internally to make appointments and this is a chance to shale things up. I also think Slaven Bilic would ruffle a few people and get the players working hard, but the style of football might be less than desirable for the fans. Gary Monk could be a safe pair of hands who plays more attractive football, but like Tindall he might just be too nice a guy for a team that probably needs a few truthful words said to the players in their 'overly quiet' dressing room. It's a shame Chris Houghton joined Forest in the autumn, I think he is the kind of manager that would have worked well at Bournemouth.

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  1. Hughton was my original preference. I think Bilic is managing in China ? I'm hoping we don't go down the celebrity culture route.