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Danjuma strike sees off Norwich City 1-0

Match Report
AFCB 1 v 0 Norwich City
17 September 2020 

An important second home win for AFCB. 

Danjuma's 35th-minute goal was enough to get AFC Bournemouth's second home win of the season. In a tight game, Bournemouth were pegged back in their own half for much of the game but always had a counter-attack that looked like they could score. The clean sheet will be a big positive for Tindall after what has been a busy week. Bournemouth are in a good position in the table now. Josh King had a few minutes and momentum is slowly building. We can say it has been as good a start for the new manager.

Bournemouth kept is 3-5-1-1 formation with both Stacey and Rico in the line-up. Lloyd Kelly didn't make the team, but Billing came into the side, leaving Danjuma to play behind Solanke. Josh King was on the bench but there was no David Brooks who was ill having starred in midweek.

Match description
Lerma is offside early on. Stacey's cross is caught by Krul. Another cross from Lerma is taken by the keeper. Rico tackles Hernéandez.

Steve Cook concedes a corner. Danjuma and Lerma, Godfrey clears. Bournemouth are pressing well. Billing to Solanke's right-foot shot is saved and Smith scoops the follow-up wide. Good turn by Solanke.

Stacey heading away well. Hernéandez fires a shot away and beats Billing but not Begovic who pushes it out for a corner. Begovic punches clear and Mepham puts it out for another corner. 

Lewis Cook counters but Danjuma is fouled. Hernández turns and shots and Billing deflects it for a corner. Norwich are on top here. Solanke heads away.

Lerma slices a shot through to the keeper. Danjuma could have deflected that. Steve Cook blocks. Pukki and Placheta are blocked.

Bournemouth have a free kick. Danjuma finds Lewis Cook. Smith goes for goal and sees his shot deflected for a corner. Rico fires over the top.

Stacey's shot is charged down. Lerma and Billing. Danjuma on the left. Solanke loses it. Bournemouth have a free kick. Bournemouth lack width at the moment.

Danjuma in the box, now Adam Smith. Billing crosses and Stacey goes close with a downward header at the far post, great save by Krul. Corner for Bournemouth, near post and its a goal kick.

Bournemouth on the counter. Solanke and Adam Smith. Billing now. Solanke. Slow build-up. Free kick to Norwich.

Lerma to Danjuma, who spins and scores on 35 minutes from the edge of the box. Low past Krul and Bournemouth have the lead 1-0.  McLean has been booked.

Skipp fouls Billing. Godfrey tackles Solanke. Zimmermann is fouled by Solanke. Hernández fouls Rico .Pukki to McLean and Rupp shoots from the edge of the box, but Begovic saves. The shot was right at him. One minute of added time. Lewis Cook gets away from Pukki before being fouled.

AFCB 45% possession, 7 shots, 3 shots on target, 3 corners, 5 fouls

Norwich 55% possession, 4 shots, 2 shots on target, 4 corners, 7 fouls


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Second half
Steve Cook wins the ball off of Pukki. Stacey, Solanke and a volley from Danjuma goes wide. Norwich have a corner.

Aarons puts the ball through. Pukki makes a run but Begovic is there first. Danjuma shoots and Krul is down quickly. Danjuma was 25 yards out but determined to have a shot.

Solanke shoots at Krul and could have passed to Lerma. Quintillá shoots but Begovic rushes it up in the air and grabs it at the second attempt. Danjuma wins a throw.

Rico does some good work. Aaron and McLean. Skipp and Aarons is clattered by Adam Smith, no penalty. Bournemouth have a free kick. Danjuma beats Godfrey, Solanke heads over. Missed chance there.

Steve Cook and Mepham make a clearance. Plachetta and Pukki's header has no power. Rico clears. McLean would have been in a better position behind Pukki. Quintillá, shoots high.

Aarons into Pukki. Rupp and Quintillá. Lerma is defending. Hernández and Aarons. Hernández is blocked. All the football is being played n Bournemouths half. The Cherries are soaking up the pressure. Shot over by Aarons.

Billing is fouled by Skipp. Hernández into Pukki but the forward can't quite reach it. Lewis Cook to Solanke but Danjuma can't get there. Josh King s coming on.

Solanke is replaced by Josh King on 65 minutes. Pukki to Skipp, he misses it. Pukki's cross and Mepham clears. Aarons to McLean who heads wide from 12 yards out.

Rico is booked for holding back Pukki. The ball hits the wall and Lewis Cook has cleared. King and Danjuma's strike is too close to the keeper. Skipp makes a foul. Billing is subbed for Gosling.


Rico gets the better of Idah. Danjuma and Billing. Stacey tracks back. Lerma has lost it. Pukki loses it to Billing. Danjuma to King and Krul beats King to the ball. 

10 minutes to go. Hugill is coming on, off goes Rupp. Norwich have a corner. Far post ball, Josh King clears. Bogovic has it. Norwich's bent hoped for a handball. Aarons and Idah. Skipp can't keep it in play.

Vrancic crosses and Begovic makes the catch. Free kick to Norwich. Gosling fouls. Surridge is on for Danjuma. Aarons over hits the free kick.

Lewis Cook on the wing. King can't get to it. Aarons intercepts Lerma's pass. Hugill is on side but the ball goes wide off Steve Cook. Corner or Norwich. Stacey clears.

Into added time. Steve Cook heads away. Rico clears. Begovic has the ball. Stacey crosses beyond King and Adam Smith keeps it in play. Rico plays it back to Begovic.

Surridge on the counter is stopped by Zimmermann who gets across. Aarons and the header by Hugill straight at Begovic.

The Disrupted Season (2019-20) completes the story of Eddie Howe's reign at AFC Bournemouth 
- it's available now for £11.49 in paperback - visit Amazon to order

An excellent home performance from Bournemouth. To get a clean sheet is great against a promotion tipped candidate. The team did seem a bit short of width at times, but with Danjuma and Solanke running as much as they could, Bournemouth do enough to stretch Norwich. Danjuma is turning into a real match-winner and if Surridge is going to be the main backup striker I'd like to see him get more than five minutes.

AFCB Line up
AFCB Subs: 23 Travers, 33 Zemura,  25 Simpson,
4 Gosling, 24 Ofoborh, 27 King, 14 Surridge

Norwich City
1 Krul, 2 Aarons, 6 Zimmermann, 4 Godfrey, 16 Quintillá, 20 Skipp, 25 Hernández (Idah 74), 7 Rupp (Hugill 81), 23 McLean (Vrancic 66), 11 Placheta, 22 Pukki

Norwich Substitutes
8 Vrancic, 9 Hugill, 24 Martin, 27 Tettey, 33 McGovern, 34 Gibson, 35 Idah

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  1. I don’t know whether Lewis Cook is still a possibility for an exit, but he was excellent. Playing him and Lerma gives Lerma more options to get forward. Lerma is also less likely to get booked in a slightly more advanced role.