Monday, 1 June 2020

Rambo will be ready to be AFCB's no 1 keeper

The news of Aaron Ramsdale's positive test for COVID-19 was hardly good news. But the timing of it allowed Aaron to make his recovery, and he will be delighted to train with the other keepers today for the first time in a week. I think Ramsdale is essential for AFCB's hoped of staying up and to have him back will be a big lift for the players and staff.
Ramsdale - ready to go again.
It is the character os Ramsdale that makes him a big special. Yes, he is a great keeper and may yet have more massive saves in his locker that we see in the next few weeks, but it is his bubbly energy and confidence that the team really need. Every positive player is going to be very important now. AFCB need that positivity and to generate a bit more defiance than they have shown in the early part of the season. Having Rambo back will make a difference to morale.


While it has been training as usual for Artur Boruc, Mark Travers and Will Dennis, I have no doubt that they want Ramsdale to finish the season and do it by keeping the Cherries up. They will want to support him in his efforts to be the player who makes that vital difference, and keepers tend to have important parts to play when the pressure really piles on.


While Ramsdale won't have a penalty shoot out to keep AFCB up, he will feel that every save he makes is another step towards getting the team the points it needs. He hasn't found it easy to pick up clean sheets and that is what he must concentrate on. While he has missed a week of training, I bet they don't take it easy on him. Ramsdale will be worked twice as hard and every bit of confidence he can gain from that could be really important come the restart games.

Bournemouth need their best players on the pitch and Aaron Ramsdale is definitely one of them.

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