Saturday, 1 August 2020

Can AFCB hold on to key midfielder?

There are several players that we can expect to see leave in the next few weeks. Some of them, Bournemouth will know they have to sell. But there are others that they would really like to hold on to and David Brooks is a high priority among those players.

Official AFCB photo: Does David feel he needs to get a full season underneath hm at AFCB
While David Books has shown he is a natural at Premier League level and there is plenty of interest in him from the likes of Leicester, West Ham, Newcastle United and Crystal Palace. Holding off one club is not to problematic, but when there are three or four it is going to be a stiff task to keep Brooks.

Of course, David knows he has not played much for the Cherries and may feel some loyalty. Bournemouth may also be able to offer him improved terms, if they can sell a good number of their players to increase their salary pot. But Brooks also has his Welsh international aspirations to think about, and may have to talk with Ryan Giggs, if he really wants to try and help Bournemouth win promotion from the Championship.

If David feels Bournemouth have enough in their squad to get back at the first attempt to the Premier League, it is not inconceivable that he might give Bournemouth a season to see if they can do it. But I imagine he will see some lucrative offers to ply his trade elsewhere.

If David does move on, it is essential that Bournemouth get the maximum amount possible for him. That could be in the £30m bracket or they could allow the interested parties to fight it out and see how much the price could rise to.

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1 comment:

  1. No bias here but I think it would be best for him to stay.its a tough competitive division but he will be a stand out player with more time on the ball to hone his skills further. If the Cherries go up hes got a choice to stay or move. If we dont go up that season the interest and a big move will be there. Better that than bench warming for a Prem side. Besides he still needs time to develop physically as he is one to protect to avoid injuries like we've seen.