Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Eddie at the helm

It's been nice to feel rather safe and secure with Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall returning to the AFCB dugout last Autumn. The idea of them leaving again in the near- to mid-future hasn't crossed my mined and I don't expect it to for a long time yet. Nothing is ever set in stone but you get the feeling that both Eddie and Jason know that they hadn't achieved all that they want to at AFCB and now they have the resources to really challenge anyone in NPower League 1 and possibly even the Championship.

When Nottingham Forest sacked their manager today, the second in 40 days, you kind of take it for granted that AFCB is now a steady ship. The feel good factor is back and the team is thriving on it. I hope everyone enjoys these days because they are the good days. Everyone knows the team can achieve something this season.

I was sad to see Paul Dickov also lost his job at Oldham this week, but I guess that is the manager's life.You are popular one week and then yesterday's news. So let's enjoy the good times at AFCB.

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