Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Macca's back!

Bournemouth's Vital Football site was quick to announce that Shaun MacDonald was back in training this morning to help AFCB's cause. There is no doubt that his return is a timely boost for the squad which has been picking up injuries of late.

Macca, who has not played since December when he was a regular first team pick will have his work cut out to get back into the first eleven straight away. In November and December he had struck up a great partnership with Harry Arter in the Middle of the park before he got the knee injury against Colchester Utd. Don't be surprised though if eventually it is Arter that makes way for Macca rather than Eunan O'Kane who has been playing with confidence since he came into the team. Arter has picked up lots of cautions and is likely to face a suspension sooner or later, leaving a space for Macca when he is up to speed.

How do we feel about Macca and O'Kane together in midfield? Macca is an assured passer and is perhaps uses his intelligence more than most to be in the right position. It's something that Richard Hughes is noted for and he will also be pushing for a place in the team. The only part of Macca's game that we would perhaps like to see more of is his confidence to shoot in front of goal, but I expect he will be keen to work on that and get his goal count up this season. Good luck to him when he enter the fray again.    

Check out a full Macca update on AFCB's website.


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