Tuesday, 6 June 2017

AFCB is close to Jermain's heart - he's coming home

Well, Jermain could not fall silent forever. The Black Cat is soon to be let out of the bag and into AFCB's squad having had a medical at the club already. He is clear that he wants to focus on his England games coming up, but has admitted on Sky Sports that Bournemouth is "a club very close to his heart".

While Jermain Defoe wants to get his head down, he has found it hard not to speak out about club football even though he is set to leave Sunderland. Speaking to Talk Sport he said that he felt it was unfair to speak about joining a new club so soon after the Black Cast had been relegated, but he must know that media attention in him is heightened and will have grown even more in the build up to the England matches.

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I hope that Jermain can now get on with his preparations for the upcoming internationals as the match against Scotland is especially important for World Cup qualification and for Jermain to cement his place in the national side. I felt a sense of disappointment in his voice that the news about him joining AFCB was "out there," but you can't always set the agenda when people talk and it's a huge signing for AFCB who will benefit enormously by giving him what is said to be a three-year free contract worth £20 million.

Jermain has said all the right things of course for the Cherries' supporters - "it's a special place, with a top manager, and a team that's done so well from where they have come from - it's kind of like a unique story." 

While it was a long time ago that Jermain was at the Cherries as an 18-year-old on loan from West Ham, he will certainly find a warm welcome when he comes and I think the fans will be just as excited, if not more, so than when he signed as a teenager. Bournemouth will also now have a full England international player on their books and I think as a player to look up to Bournemouth could not have picked a better personality. 

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