Friday, 19 July 2019

Is the way clear for Surridge to make an impact?

With the likely departure of Lys Mousset to Sheffield United (he has not left AFCB as I write this), there is potentially a bit more space for Sam Surridge to put his case forward at the Cherries. While he will find a starting place hard to come by with a fully-fit Callum Wilson and Josh King, he has a real shot at vying to be the first substitute.
Sam Surridge could be a surprise package next season if
he is allowed to stay at AFCB and is not loaned out.
I say that because Dominic Solanke hasn't made a massive impact in his first six months on the south coast. Eddie Howe will probably see Solanke as his go to striker, if Wilson or King did get a knock, but with Mousset expected to leave there could be a great opportunity for Sam Surridge, and if he did find his feet in the Premier League it would be a great advert for AFCB's Academy.

Surridge would have to do better than any other AFCB player that has come through the youth ranks in recent years. I suppose Danny Ings would be the top prospect that AFCB never really saw much of at the top level, but now that the club is in the Premier League players coming through could become top stars very quickly.


Eddie Howe looks like he's made a decision not to bring in the more expensive players this summer and it has opened doors for the likes of Surridge. We just need to see him and a few others grab the opportunity. There is still time for Surridge to be loaned out, and that is something he would have to deal with again if it happens. But I'd be very excited if I were in Surridge's shoes right now, as the opening looks to be there for him to stake his claim.

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