Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Nathan Aké has to push himself further

Nathan Aké is in a great position. He is at a club that is able to give him regular starts in the Premier League and has a good platform to show his talents. While bigger clubs are said to be interested in him, what is Nathan's best option going forward?
Nathan Aké has had some good times at AFCB, but will he be around Dean Court in 2020-21?
I am not sure Nathan has had his best season at AFCB. He is always an important defender and has had 23 appearance in 2019-20 and has scored a couple of goals. But how good has he been? The clean sheets for Bournemouth have not been good at just four, and the central defenders have to take a share of the blame for that. I also wonder how often Aké has been named man of the match? It's probably not as often as the previous season.
The goals for Nathan are always very important for Bournemouth and as a defender he puts himself in harms way to block what he can. But he wants to be a regular started in Holland's team and for that to happen he has to get closer to the standards of Virgil van Dijk, which is some target. Aké has to try and get himself out of the shadow of one of the greatest defenders we have known.
Whether Nathan decides to leave and join a bigger team or not is going to become more critical for Bournemouth's number 5. He may feel he has time to wait but the lure of a bigger salary and Champions League games will entice him at some point. I still believe Nathan is not at a level where he can get himself that ticket yet, but another good season could see him get to where he wants to be.


In other news, AFCB reverse their furlough decision and will not be using the government scheme having listened to the fans and widespread criticism of clubs taking the decisions to furlough.

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