Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The Cherries don't have the confidence to beat 10-man Palace

The score line of 1-0 doesn't tell the half of it in term of AFCB's woeful game at Palace. Bereft of confidence and without a player that is in goal scoring form, Bournemouth never looked like beating 10-men.
It was all looking so good at 7.30pm last night.
How Bournemouth failed to score is baffling. Callum Wilson should have buried his chance at the start of the second half, but the real crime was that was the only really clear chance Bournemouth had. Okay, Solanke got on once and clipped the ball on his own heels rather than pass simply to Callum, but you just knew Solanke is not a player to trust when in on goal at the moment.

Some fans will wonder why Simon Francis was again put on when Bournemouth are trying to win the game. Fraser was going to have to come on, but I can't quite understand why Gosling didn't come on after the hour. At least Dan Gosling has looked like he might score when he does play. Lewis Cook was Eddie Howe's choice for a midfielder to bring on which was okay but why as late as the 82nd minute?

To be punished as well having had all the play on the game was the final insult. It was hard to loom at the players at the end. They knew they had messed up, but how will they put it right. It probably is a good job they have Liverpool next as there will be nowhere to hide.


The supporters and Howe demand a performance and it must come now or the season could implode on the Cherries after this kind of dismal display. I just don't get how this team can loose so much confidence so quickly, it's maddening for supporters to get their head around.

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