Tuesday, 7 January 2020

A fourth round home draw against 13 times FA Cup winners for the Cherries

It's Bournemouth v Arsenal
The live Draw on BBC One saw AFCB get drawn at home against Arsenal or Leeds United - the live match last evening. Either team would have been a great occasion, but it's Arsenal and Mikel Arteta that will be revisiting Dean Court between 24-27 January 2020.
It is hard to see Bournemouth naming a complete first team for the game with the match coming at an important time, when Bournemouth will still be looking to get away from the foot of the Premier League, or making sure they are putting distance between themselves and the bottom positions. Arsenal drew at Dean Court in December 1-1 but were behind for much of the match, so Bournemouth will at least be confident that they can hurt the Gunners, even if there will be many more Arsenal supporters at the game than when the two teams last met.

The importance of the FA Cup has always been stressed by Eddie Howe, but the onus may not be on progression this season. The team selection is going to be revealing and while Bournemouth needed a boost in the third round, it is hoped that AFCB will have had a good January and may well be seeking to replace a few players at the end of the month.


To beat Arsenal though in the FA Cup would be one of the biggest results for the Cherries in their FA Cup history, and if they did get through the tie they would be looking favourably on another home draw to have the best opportunity to get from the last 16 into the last eight.

How seriously Arsenal take the game also has to be considered. They will know that European football is something that is not going to be easy from their league position and a cup win could be their best chance. Arsenal are the record holders for the most FA Cup wins at 13 and it is a competition they tend to take seriously.

In other news
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