Monday, 20 January 2020

Ramsdale is the only one who looks like he's enjoying his football

I was really impressed with Aaron Ramsdale at Norwich City. It wasn't just his saves of which there were many, but it was his attitude. He came over to the fans after the game and was still smiling and thanking them for their support despite the result, and when he was interviewed he was not thinking negatively about the relegation battle, but likened it more to a challenge. He has been used to being in these situations at Chesterfield and AFC Wimbledon and it's unfortunate for him to be in another scrap with the Cherries.
Ramsdale up for the fight.
It is hard to pull out which was the best save that Aaron made against Norwich, but I think it was the one-on-one with Teemu Pukki. Ramsdale had to be out quick to make it more difficult for the striker and to get the save in when Pukki shot early was outstanding. He really is a tremendous shot stopper and even the save he made before Steve Cook gave away the penalty was a sharp stop.


Ramsdale is certainly up for the fight and I hope that the players talk to him as much as they can as he has the enthusiasm and hunger to do well despite the situation. You can tell that he is enjoying his football and I'm not too sure that too many other Bournemouth players feel the same about football at the moment.
It's not making light of the situation, but it is trying not to let things get you down. We need more of the players to feel confident about their personal game like Ramsdale, if they are going to start to pick up points again. The Cherries are not an awful side, they just need one or two things to start going for them and we'll have to hope that starts on Tuesday night.

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  1. Well said. Well done, Aaron. AFCB supporters need to remain positive, stick withe team and with Eddie. We all need to do whatever we can to boost the confidence and the rebuild morale of the team.