Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Can Eddie still motivate the players?

It was honest of Eddie Howe to say he was considering his position now do after the defeat to Watford. I don't think the majority of fans want Howe to go, but we do need him to be able to motivate the players and go into the next game with a team believing that they can win.
Eddie has to try and pick everyone up again. It's a draining job but we know he can do it.
Eddie Howe himself has to pick himself up first. The boos at the end of the game against Watford I felt were unfair. It wasn't that the players hadn't tried to do better, they just weren't able. The fans were understandably disappointed with the performance and the result. Showing disappointment is something that fans clearly wanted to do, but the players need encouragement at this moment more than anything.

We have to make a good feeling around the fans and the players. If that means putting defeats behind us then we should do that at try and look forward to what is to come no matter what. It may be that Bournemouth don't find it any easier to win any of their next few games, but we love our club and we don't have to kick the players when they are already down.
Eddie has to believe that we are still on his and the team's side and that we want the team to do well. If he and the players don't feel that they are playing for us then we have a divide between the fans and the club, and I don't think that is what anyone wants. We need Eddie Howe to be the leader now and to come up with the best week of training he has ever done, while getting the players back in the winning zone mentally. It may just be to the players' advantage that they don't play at home next and that the odds are more against them. It is in that atmosphere that we might see them dig in and finally draw a line under the poor performances.


But if Eddie feels he can't get the players up for any more fights, then he may decide enough is enough. That would be a very sad way for him to leave AFCB. But I don't believe Eddie Howe is a quitter.

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  1. Evidence from Watford and West Ham, crucial games suggests NO he cannot motivate them