Tuesday, 23 June 2015

AFCB are cracking deals early

The Cherries might be Premier League novices but they are playing the transfer market like old hands at the moment. The free transfers just keep on coming. While Sylvain Distin and Luke Garbutt are the latest player to agree to join the Cherries, I am starting to wonder where AFCB are going to keep all these new players and if the changing rooms are big enough!

The bonus of signing so many players may be that it gives Eddie a bit of time to have all the players together for a  few sessions before deciding finally on which players he is prepared to let go out on loan. I can't believe that the club thought that they would manage to bring in six players in under two months of the calibre they have now and mainly on free transfers. It keeps the books in good order and may yet enable AFCB to go after one or two more highly prized names towards the end of the window. Demarai Gray looks to be among those.

AFCB's starting 11 is going to include some new faces next season
I'm really impressed with the Distin signing as he has nothing to prove having had a great career. Yet, he still believes he can add a great deal to the squad and I have no doubt that Eddie has made him feel really wanted to get him to sign. The progress that AFCB has made though in the last few seasons must be a big incentive to sign for the club. With Distin and Atsu at the club now it seems that Luke Garbutt has the chance to also come to the Cherries on a season-long loan and feel that he could fit in quickly with a couple of former teammates already at AFC Bournemouth.

All Departments' latest podcast is out - Fan Tactics. I'll be posting on the sidebar of Cherry Chimes later but keep checking the All Departments' website for its release by Michael Dunne. Tom Payne explains how he analyses teams like AFCB on Spielverlagerung.

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