Thursday, 25 June 2015

Premier League fever has landed on the south coast

No less than three days after the announcement of next season's fixtures at Dean Court and I awoke to the news that all the mascot packages had already been sold out and that only a few 12th Man Packages remained, despite the rise in prices. This is of course great news for the club that can already sense that demand for almost everything that it has on sale is likely to vanish very quickly with many eager takers wanting to grab something to mark the club's first year as a Premier League club.

I expect the dash for the club shirts and hospitality (sold out) will be equally popular. It is hard to imagine how much the club will benefit from all the increased revenues and interest. We have already seen the media coverage reach new highs and even abroad the message will be heard loud and clear when the team takes on a series of games in different countries over the summer.
Mascot packages have proved to be extremely popular for next season.
While I anticipate record crowds at the Goldsands for pretty much all the games next season, I imagine there will be quite a few new faces around the ground. Those coming to watch the Cherries for the first time will surely enjoy the occasion, but it is important for the club that these new supporters are eager to sign up for season tickets when the ground eventually has the capability to expand. I don't really imagine that any of us have really let it sink in that AFCB will be host to players that we are usually seeing on the TV, but it will be very interesting to see how the Cherries do in taking on proven internationals. 

The days to the start of the season are clicking down fast now. The excitement is growing and I already feel a desperate need to see the Cherries in action again. 

Cherry Bear Gossip
I did hear at the end of last season that our well loved Cherry Bear could possibly be joined by a female companion for the start of next season. What has Cherry bear been up to?

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