Sunday, 21 June 2015

I won't expect the Cherries to win over opposition fans

It is very hard for any opposition fans to usually hold their hands up and say, "do you know what - your team was excellent today and they played us off the park!" As AFCB fans we have heard it from a fair number of fans in the Championship, many of which would have sniggered at the likes of AFCB being in the Championship before they had seen what Eddie Howe's men can do to the opposition. Now it is the turn of the Premier League and I have already spied a few comments from disgruntled fans of some teams who almost appear cheated that a club like AFCB can share in the league's great wealth with our small stadium.

Well like it or lump it for them, the Cherries have earned the right to be in the Premier League and it was the club with the best potential to take on the high earners when the 2014-15 Championship season ended.  If the Cherries were a small club in the Championship then they are even smaller fry in the top tier and I don't mind if rival fans pre-judge AFCB as a soft touch as I believe they will find that they are anything but that when it comes to next season.
AFCB will not win fans everywhere it goes.
I do hope people's opinions can be changed though. I don't want AFCB to be a club that has fans that don't praise other teams when they have gotten the better of the Cherries through great play. Yes, I want the Cherries to win as many games as possible and I want them to do well, but in the end I'm also a lover of football. AFCB are now in a league of very high skill levels and we should see some spectacular football not only played by AFCB but also by opposition teams. I feel that the Premier League is often not seen as a great showcase of football just because the rivalries between teams are so great. To be honest I don't think there is a lot that can be said against the Cherries, as they don't attract that fear factor that you'll get with a Man City or a Chelsea. Being a south coast team with few rivalries, it may be that AFCB are seen as a club that will have their glory season in the Premier League and disappear as several other teams have done before.

Yet, if AFCB do hang around and dish out a few hidings to some of those established teams there will be some respect owed. My money is on opinions about AFCB changing quite a bit from when the season kicks off to when it is completed next season.

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