Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Will small stadium size be a hinderance to the Cherries?

AFCB will be the smallest team in the Premier League for the 2015-16 season on fanbase as well as experience, but that needn't be a big handicap. There will still be 11 players versus another set of 11 players on the pitch and I suppose that over the last eight to nine years the Cherries have been a team that have been underdogs and have been fighting against problems that seemed insurmountable to other teams, and yet the Cherries have come through with the red flag flying higher than ever before.
Fans are used to being squeezed in at Dean Court.
Whether the wind in AFCB's flag is about to blow hard or will find it hard to flutter in the Premier League is something that nobody can really predict, although the bookies are putting AFCB at evens not to stay up. That is kind of how the Cherries like it. Write us off if you like, but don't be surprised if you see a team next season that destroys a few reputations on its way to a second season in the Premier League. The victory for the Cherries will come when the media stop talking about the size of Dean Court and the number of years that they have adorned the lower leagues, and start commenting on how well the players have adapted to life in the Premier League.

Eddie Howe has already said that his team will play in the same way that they have done over the past few years. It is something that AFCB fans are used to seeing and it will be more talked about than before, not only on the south coast but everywhere. Eddie Howe likes doing the impossible and his stock is going to be unbelievably high if he can keep the wins coming now. This summer is going to be vital to get everything right, but there are so many more challenges coming at the club as a whole that it is important that they don't change what has been successful for them in the past. Being small is one thing that has been a benefit so I don't mind holding on for that for a bit longer.

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