Thursday, 18 August 2016

King and Wilson will need more chances to score

There was little to smile about for Josh King and Callum Wilson after the final whistle was blown at the end of the match with Man Utd. Although Utd are likely to be battling for the title, AFCB will have wanted to show that they have the players that can give the top teams a real scare or two, but the Cherries' strikers hardly had a sight of goal during the 90 minutes.

Playing three strikers was a real attempt to keep the side on the attack against a strong side at home. However, there was less wing play than usual from AFCB and Utd swarmed all over Callum Wilson and Josh King when they tried to build attacks from inside. The shots that AFCB managed were only nine and three were on target. One shot every 10 minutes is just not sustained pressure and it maybe back to the drawing board for the game against West Ham.
King and Wilson must start hitting the target if AFCB are to get some joy in front of goal.
Playing to AFCB's strength is not so easy in this second season when the opposition have more of an idea of what Howe's men are trying to achieve. We saw Man Utd trying to stop them playing out from the back at goal kicks and the Cherries strong wing play is well known now. So Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall have to develop the play in greater variety and getting the ball to Wilson and King in scoring positions is the key that was largely missing against Man Utd. 

In pre-season there was not a bucket load of goals for AFCB, and while the goals were spread about there was no one player that looked in sensational form. A sharper edge is needed though if AFCB are to get points against West Ham.

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  1. Not sure that Wilson is match fit and that Afobe is a better bet up front...Someone is going to be unhappy..and right now Afobe should be given the chance up front and not coming on as an impact substitute...there is no doubt King is physically imposing but would an Afobe/Wilson attack be more fruitful...or maybe Afobe on his own with Gradel/Ibe and Arter/Cook and Surman be more thing is for sure..Lewis Cook must keep his place