Monday, 29 August 2016

Potential move for Grabban may give AFCB busy transfer deadline day

The rumour that Lewis Grabban could be a target of Derby County in the Championship may lead to a hectic deadline day for AFCB. The likelihood is that if Lewis would be interested in the move and AFCB can agree a fee (the suggestion is £6m according to the Daily Telegraph), it would have the Cherries potentially seeing if they could find another striker before the window shuts.

While Derby are believed to be keen on adding Lewis Grabban to their squad, I somehow doubt that Grabban would be able to leave Bournemouth, unless there is a suitable replacement lined up, as Lewis has been involved in AFCB's three Premier League games so far. Lewis himself may have reservations about a move back to the Championship, but he could also feel that it would give him an opportunity to make a fresh start. While Grabban has not yet scored on the Premier League for the Cherries, Derby will be well aware of what he has done to Championship sides in the past. A transfer fee that matches or is close to what AFCB payed Norwich for Grabban would probably get the attention of the Cherries, so it will be interesting to see if this one develops.
Is Lewis Grabban open to a potential move?
The move would also push Lys Mousset closer to the bench for his Premier League debut which may not seem a bad thing from the views of many Bournemouth fans. AFCB will have a list of strikers that they are keeping tabs on, but whether any are available at the right price when the window is about to close is a bit of a poker game. If AFCB were looking at the Championship it could be a costly replacement for a young striker - like Britt Assombalonga, a for example, at Forest.


  1. If we can get £6m for Grabban I would snatch Derbys hands off and would not look to reinvest the money....its rumoured Arsenal want to let Jack Wilshere on lets get him....

    Lets give Mousset a more signings who have no chance of playing

  2. Looks like there is going to be an exodus if you believe what you read in the papers...first Grabban now Gradel....something is not right in the camp...Bournemouth maybe too small a club not to play these players who want to feature regularly...wander what Afobe feels view..take the money and NOT go and respend....not sure that either player is a big loss and shows that buying Eddies favourite is a winning formula.....

    Talk about Jack Wilshere on loan...too injury prone and suspect will bring more dissent to squad

    Difficult days