Saturday, 20 August 2016

The same three up front against West Ham?

Eddie Howe commented after the match with Man Utd that the team did not build pressure in the way he wanted on Man Utd and that was a factor in the result. It was a fluent system up front with Ibe especially moving across the front line and players did their best to get near Callum Wilson to give him support. Ultimately, though I did not feel that Wilson was involved enough and getting him into the game more will surely enhance AFCB's chances.

The front three for AFCB didn't spark against Utd. Whether they need to work on their movement and their starting points when running off each other is only something they can practise on the training pitch. The option on the left side is the one that is probably most likely to see different players tried this season with Pugh, Gradel, Grabban, Fraser and Stanislas able to do a job there when fit, but King is the best out and out striker in my opinion and is perhaps not as strong playing wide left as he is when he plays through the middle. So there could be some alterations for the West Ham match on the left side. 
There are plenty of forward options for AFCB now.
Getting Callum on the end of more balls into the box is what AFCB need most though from what I could see. It is always excellent to have a hot finisher on the pitch, but if he is just a spectator that won't give the team anything. So Eddie is trying to be more dominant in and around the opposition's box and that will need the team to push up on teams and keep better control through the midfield. The passing was not bad against Man Utd. It was noticeable that Ibe was receiving and releasing the ball for much of the game and perhaps it needs a bit of time for the players to get used to him doing that as he can keep the ball well in and around the 18 yard box. Surman operates that much deeper and perhaps deferred a little to Ibe when it came to creating in this last match. I'd like to see more of a mixture with Lewis Cook also going forward more at times and others covering. It's a balance and the players will have to find a way of making it work. 

It maybe that Eddie has a look at something else though against West Ham. Benik Afobe is just waiting for his turn.

Look out for another set of my answers on the West Ham match on the Ironsview website.


  1. Personally the hype about Wilson is OTT....and the hat trick he scored against West Ham ...too many TV interviews..he has not recovered fully from the injury and I would play Afobe up front and let Wilson play against Morecambe midweek where he could get his first goals back...controversial maybe...but Afobe is a natural goalscorer...and he needs to play...

    For me Lewis Cook must play...

  2. The reason we had no cutting edge against Man U was entirely down to Eddie's low risk 4-3-3 system reverting to a 4-5-1 when we didn't have the ball... meaning our wing backs operated as full backs for the majority of the match which limited what we are good at. The one time we actually got a wing back up the pitch supporting the play... he scored!