Friday, 6 July 2018

Arter will have to decide if he wants to try something new

Harry Arter has made it clear that he does not want to be out of the team if he is to stay at AFCB and the signing of David Brooks just adds more fuel on the fire to building a team for the future. But Arter doesn't have to just accept that he is no longer in AFCB's plans. It's up to him if he wants to seek a move or stay and see if he can get back to the player we know so well.
Arter is already working hard in pre-season.
Arter does not have that many players in front of him. He knows that Lewis Cook is going to start the majority of matches for AFCB next season, but there is no clarity over whether Dan Gosling will hold down the place next to him as he did for much of last season. Arter only made 13 Premier League appearances last season and his ankle injury never really cleared up for him to play at his best in my opinion. If Arter can get his ankle strong enough that he feels confident about his game again then he can rival Gosling and Surman. 

The time that Arter spends on the sidelines or playing football is what it is all about now. If he believes he is not quite the player he was, then he may have to rethink his career from this point and that could mean taking a step down a level or two. The Championship is rigorous and perhaps not an easy deal, but Premier League teams don't want to pay for players to sit out most of the season. That could ell be why we have not heard much noise about Arter being linked with much transfer news since June. Newcastle United seems his best offer if he wants to move, according to Football Whispers, and to stay in the Premier League.

I hope Arter still believes he can work his way back to his best at AFCB. If he has a strong pre-season he will be in as good a position as most of the other central midfielders to play his part in next season. What I wonder is whether Arter feels he can rely on his injury to have been completely heeled, and if he feels he has not missed too much time out of the team, and doesn't feel as close as he was to the AFCB plans going forward. For AFCB it could be a good time to part with Number eight.

Meanwhile, AFCB and the English Football League have agreed a reduced Financial Fair Play Fine for the 2014/15 season when AFCB were promoted. AFCB have accepted Nottingham Forest's offer for Lewis Grabban, says SkySports.

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