Sunday, 8 July 2018

Tyrone Mings on his way out?

Last season we only saw Tyrone Mings make four appearances, mainly because of injury. With the pre-season about to start, Tyrone will be an extra player for Howe who has not really been able to call upon the defender to any large degree since his move from Ipswich in June 2015. This makes the next season an enormous one for Tyrone and I believe he would raise the standard of the Cherries defence, if he gets into the team and has a full season of games. But the latest reports from the Daily Mirror say Mings will be offered to Nottingham Forest.
Tyrone at the QPR pre-season game last summer.

While it would not be easy for Tyrone to make an immediate impact at AFCB, as he is automatically up against player of the year Nathan Aké and captain Simon Francis, as well as the seasoned Steve Cook, selling him would come as a surprise. Tyrone only needs a bit of good fortune though to step into the team and we have seen in short periods how he can dominate games. I am convinced that he also plays in a similar way to Nathan Aké in his ball control and confidence on the ball at the back. The two together would give Bournemouth a more progressive and strident back line in my opinion and less of the hesitant play that prevents the team from setting up attacks quickly.

While we may expect Simon Francis to start playing slightly fewer games, Diego Rico of Leganes seems to be the player that AFCB want to bering into the team, according to SkySports. English centre-backs that can play from the back are going to be sought after when this World Cup is over, but to see Mings drop back to the Championship would be a bit of a waste. 

It would take Mings a while to establish himself, but with three centre-backs on the pitch for the Cherries, he has every chance of shifting one of the three regulars not that far down the line. I believe Bournemouth need a bit of a change in that department and should try some different personnel after founding it harder to get clean sheets in 2017/18, but it is a shock that Mings is not going to be trusted to play a part in the new-look AFCB.

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  1. I was never that impressed with Mings from seeing him playing his first game in a friendly against Yeovil a couple of years ago. Yes, he's been injured for the majority of his time at the club, but still haven't been that impressed when watching him in the games he has played in. Not one of Eddie's better signings but that's football, I appreciate this is only my opinion and there will be others out there who think he's the best thing since sliced bread.