Monday, 23 July 2018

Hyndman gives Howe something to think about

Eddie Howe has not been that generous in the time he has given Emerson Hyndman in a first team shirt. He is probably down at fifth or sixth choice to start in the middle of the park and yet the passing and movement he managed against Levante was a real credit to the player and will have registered with Howe not only because Emerson scored but more because he looked very at home on the pitch in this Bournemouth side.

I've been wondering what will happen with Hyndman next season. Will he be loaned out or is he ready to step up?  Perhaps Howe still doesn't know the answer yet, but if Hyndman can put in more performances when he instigates attacking moves and puts himself in great positions to score then he is going to be hard to ignore.

The competition for Hyndman is very difficult and he needs to prove he can play well consistently and to do it in the Premier League is a step that Howe has not really given Hyndman a go at for any number of games yet. But I felt that the last game of last season against Burnley was not just a thank you for Hyndman for not playing much and staying professional and training hard, but it was perhaps more of a platform to see if he could contest with a really tough Burnley midfield.
Levante might not have been as physical as Sevilla, but Hyndman is a player that will create and find gaps when he is allowed to have some space around the box. His play is very instinctive and flows when he is confident and I'd like to see more of him this summer. If he is a player that can force his way to the subs and is a good replacement when players get injured, we could start to see a bit more of the player that Rangers fans' thought a lot of.

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