Thursday, 8 August 2019

Howe's headache - four goalkeeper's into one

The keeper situation at Bournemouth I thought would move on from last season. While Mark Travers had the last two games, I am assuming that Artur Boruc is favourite to get the nod for the number one position from Eddie Howe this week.
Artur Boruc congratulates Aaron Ramsdale on
his first half-performance against Olympic Lyons.
The decision may have to be based more on what the keepers do in training than on the pitch, as Boruc has not had much to do in competitive friendlies. For me the persona of the keeper matters a lot. As a striker you want to feel confident that you can beat a keeper, but Boruc can be impassable at times. Okay, we know Boruc is not the best with his kicking, but it hasn't been Boruc that has been getting into trouble with his feet this summer.

It is great to have Aaron Ramsdale back at Dean Court so we can see how he has been progressing. For me I'd like to see him stay as the number two keeper this season. He is cheeky in the way he strides out of his box and tracks the opposition with the ball. He proved against Lyons that he is not afraid to come and punch on corners or race out to intercept through balls. I think he fills the goal just a bit better than Mark Travers at the moment, but Travers makes all saves look very spectacular and impressive, which is fine as long as he keeps the ball out.

The only keeper that has real worries at the moment is Begovic. He has lost his invincibility and looks half the keeper he can be which is a pity for him.  Howe will probably be loyal and give him the number two keeper spot, but he really isn't looking like he can stop anything at the moment.

It is likely to be more loan moves for Ramsdale and Travers, but I'd really like Eddie to be brave and use Ramsdale or Travers instead of Begovic as the back up keeper. Let another team pay Begovic's wages and let him go out on loan. Bournemouth need to feel like they are progressing in every position and keeping Boruc and Begovic as number one and two doesn't send a message out that the keeper situation is really any different than usual to me.

Cherry Chimes took part in the Daily Telegraph's pre-season review. It was written before yesterday's news that Sam Surridge was headed to Swnasea City on loan.

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  1. I can't agree with you totally about our goalkeepers. Boruc (although pleasing to the female eye!) is nearly 40, I didn't rate Ramsdale after the Lyon game. Travers is still young and inexperienced and Begovic - what can I say. I am disappointed to say the least that AFCB didn't try to buy a goalkeeper. No good spending money on midfielders and defenders if the keeper can't stop the ball!