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Kilkenny stars in AFCB's 3-0 win over Lyons

Match Report
AFCB 3 v 0 Olympic Lyons
3 August 2019

Eddie Howe wanted a hard fixture to end pre-season and taking on a Champions League qualifying team seemed to be just the ticket. While Olympic Lyons threatened early on, it was Bournemouth that looked more ready for European football and once the Cherries had taken the lead with Callum Wilson netting, they never looked back. A second goal from young winger Gavin Kilkenny rounded-off for him what would be a man of the match display. The second half didn't see Artur Buroc make as many saves at Aaron Ramsdale and Josh King made sure of a Bournemouth win slotting home a third goal with 18 minutes to go.
Lyons were no match for AFCB.
Bournemouth race back after King loses the ball high up the field. Corner and Ramsdale punches before making a save with his feet and another shot goes wide from Traore.

Billing and Anjuma get early touches. Kilkenny and King get down the right and Wilson gets a header in but wide of the target.

King gives a free kick away. Ramsdale poor pass for Offoborh but Steve Cook clears up. Lyons are in the ascendency.

Kilkenny to Offoborh, down right, and Wilson slots home bottom right on 11 minutes 1-0 to the Cherries! That was against the run of play. Bournemouth are taking their free kicks quickly with Kilkenny the out ball up the right usually.

Moussa Dembele fires a shot, but it deflects off Steve Cook's foot to Ramsdale on 15 minutes. Billing looks comfortable going forward. He finds Kilkenny and Adam Smith drills a cross right through the box.

Gavin Kilkenny scores from the right side of the box after a throw from the left after 20 minutes. Wilson was involved in the move with a good assist.

Corner for Bournemouth. Back in Aké heads and it's well saved. Offoborh fouls 11 some 25 yards out a d central. It hits Billing in the face - that's what the tall man is for.

A long sweeping pass from Billing to Anjuma and Wilson plays a one-two with the Dutchman's shot saved to the keepers left on 28 minutes.

Rico puts in a deep cross which the keeper grabs. Ramsdale is out for a long ball beats Dembele, then is tackled for a throw.

Traore on the break to Memphis Depay and Ramsdale turns shot around the corner.

King drags a shot wide from distance.

Adam Smith blocks Aouar for a corner to Lyons. Traore spins Rico but puts his shot wide of the far post.

Kilkenny plays in King up the right and the shot comes off the keepers legs for a corner

It's half-time 2-0.

Bournemouth were looking good by half-time.
Second half 
Boruc has replaced Ramsdale at half-time. Rico wins a corner which is grabbed by the keeper ahead of Billing coming in.

Smith puts in a cross but Andjum misses his kick. Kilkenny and Smith keep working the right side. King is just a bundle of energy today, hasn't stopped running.

King in to Wilson who shoots wide. Wilson gets the ball from the goal kick and he plays King in but the keeper saves on 58 minutes.

Bournemouth sub Billing for Corey Jordan on 60 minutes. A rare excursion by Lyons. Depay plays it out wide to Dembele but the shot is passed Boruc's left post.

Lyon subs come on after 65 minutes. Depay is off and on comes Kenny Tete and Rafael is off along with Traore, so on comes Pape Cheikh Diop and Jean Lucas.

Dobre comes on for Bournemouth, replacing Steve Cook on 66 minutes.

King with a great pick up and drive. Wilson goes for a header but Dubois clears. Smith at the near post sees his shot go just wide.

Wilson gets on to a poor goal kick and squares it to King, who makes it 3-0 on 72 minutes.

Terrier has a shot blocked for a corner. A long shot from Mendes is saved by Boruc. Wilson is subbed for Surridge and Adam Smith goes off for Jordan Zamoura 76 minutes.

Dembele is off and Gouiri is on after 77 minutes. Lyons win a corner. Lyons sub Aouar and on comes Caqueret and Mendes is replaced by Tousart on 81 minutes.

Aké makes a good block. Boruc hasn't had much to do this half.

Josh King is subbed by Sam Sherring on 86 minutes.

AFCB gave debuts to Anjuma and Billing.
A great result for Bournemouth. The clean sheet is very timely going into the start of the new season and neither Ramsdale or Boruc looked under pressure very often. The real surprise was Gavin Kilkenny who lit up the first half with his fast breakaways on the right and his good vision. Billing and Anjuma fitted in well and Offoborh was very involved, while King and Wilson looked much more tuned in for this game. Steve Cook came through 66 minutes as well so a good day all round for.

Ramsdale, A Smith ( Zamoura 76), S Cook (Dobre 66), Aké, Rico, Kilkenny,
Billing (Jordan 60), Offoborh, Anjuma, Wilson (Surridge 76), King (Sam Sherring 86)

Boruc, Dennis, 55 Corey Jordan, 26 Jordan Zamoura, Surridge, Dobre, 50 Sam Sherring

AFCB Ratings
Ramsdale 6, A Smith 6, S Cook 6, Aké 7, Rico 5, Kilkenny 9, Billing 6, Offoborh 6, Anjuma 6, Wilson 7, King 7

1 Lopes, 14 Dubois, 3 Anderson, 4 Rafael (Pape Cheikh Diop 65), 12 Mendes (Tousart 81), 8 Aouar (Caqueret 81), 11 Depay (Tete 65), 10 Traore ( Jean Lucas 65), Dembele (Gouiri 77)

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  1. Similarity of Kilkenny to Fraser was noted. Succession replacement for Fraser when he goes has been clearly planned