Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cherry Brick Road - being part of club history

I noticed on the official club website this week that the Cherry Brick Road with its new names is set to be unveiled next weekend before the Bury match. I wonder how many of you have decided to part with the hard earned cash to have your name put in stone in front of the club entrance?

I have to admit that I was one of those that thought the offer was too good not to take advantage of when the revised prices came out. I decided to not only put Cherry Chimes on a brick but also offered bricks to my two Junior Cherry sons as one of their many Christmas presents. Since the New Year, each time we have gone down for a home match the boys, and myself if I'm honest, would stair intently for a few minutes at the floor outside the Main Entrance at Dean Court only to find that no new bricks had been added.

I am glad Mr Mitchell has come out with the statement that he is sorry and that due to the amount of orders it has taken much longer than expected to make all the bricks and to complete the project. I was wondering if that was £30 that I had thrown away but no, fingers crossed, we can be part of the club's history.

I only hope my name is spelt correctly! And then you wonder who will I be put next to? I hope that the Main Entrance is able to take all those feet desperate to get a view of the newly laid bricks on Saturday. We may just have to try and get down for the game early.

If you haven't already spotted the New tabs at the top of the blog, do have a quick look at the player profiles, the views around the Goldsands Stadium and Robert and Stephen's page.There'll also be a new Cartoon Caper coming later this week. I promise to make the pictures less slow to load in future, but until then enjoy some of the photography. I really think we have a club to be proud of these days.

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