Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Is Tommy Elphick ready to lead AFCB out against the U's?

Every day Tommy Elphick will be getting fitter and stronger as his recovery continues. Eddie Howe must know that Tommy is desperate to get back into the team, but he cannot take any risk on bringing him back too soon. It is evident that Dan Seaborne made the mistake that led to the Bury goal last match but he also made a great last ditch tackle in that game as well. The difficulty of when to rest players and when to select them is always hard, even with the sport science analysis that AFCB has to hand.

In some ways I think gut instinct of the manger and player must be the main factors in such decision making although others like the physio and coaches will have to provide input as well. If Dan Seaborne and Steve Cook can keep clean sheets they are likely to stay as the central pairing but each time mistakes lead to goals for the opposition it will be tempting for Eddie to bring Tommy back into the side.

I  just hope that when he is picked it is not too soon. It maybe that AFCB will need him most in a play-off match or even the play-off final and if it takes until them for him to be fully fit then so be it. Match fitness of course is another problem as Tommy will not be getting the time on the pitch he needs if he stays sat on the bench.

There have been lots of calls to get Tommy back in the starting 11, but Eddie did not feel that he needed to do this last weekend and Tommy admitted that he was still feeling some niggles during training. The question is should he be in the team for the Colchester game? My gut feeling is that Eddie may well bring him back.  

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