Thursday, 21 March 2013

Marc Pugh digs himself into a hole

Cartoon  Capers
Episode 2

Cartoon Capers returns with Robert and Stephen once again up to mischief at Dean Court. This time they are aiming to have the training pitch all to themselves, while the players are instructed to do a bit of construction work instead of training. Oh and the chairman hopes to save some money!

The Chairman and the manager speak about Robert and Stephen's idea.

The manager is not sure what Stephen and Robert have
asked the Chairman to do, but expects the two Junior Cherries
are up to no good as usual.

All becomes clear. The players are doing construction work instead
of training, while Robert and Stephen are enjoying the training
 pitches all to themselves. Only Marc Pugh has a football and he is spinning and turning so
quickly that he is making big holes in the ground. This will be
where we will plant the new tress thinks the Chairman.  

The manager is none too pleased, but Robert and Stephen are more
amused at Marc Pugh who has virtually buried himself with his
Johan Cruijff turns. Meanwhile, the Chairman will need to look elsewhere
to find some workers to build his South stand.

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