Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dare we dream of the Championship?

The excitement is really building as we are at the crunch stage of the season. Any slip ups now and you really will miss out of those promotion places at one end or find yourself looking at relegation at the other end of the league. There is no better or more intense time than this for a football fan. Our hopes of course lie with Eddie Howe's men and their challenge for the Championship, but every time I think we are looking good to make the move up we come tumbling down. But perhaps now we have had our 'wobble' and we can look forward with great anticipation, especially with players coming back after injury.

League One really is a nightmare to predict as I think it is the tightest it has been at this stage for many years. The level of football in the division I would say is fairly high and I believe any team that does go up stands a reasonable chance of competing in the Championship. However, looking at last years teams who went up shows you that it will not be easy to hold a place in the Championship for any new arrivals. Charlton and Huddersfield are doing best at the moment  on 47 points, but Sheffield Wednesday are much further away from safety. I have been told that Peterborough went up the year before - how time flies

AFCB constantly say that we are now a club that is ready for the Championship either this season or next and that everything is in place for football at that level, apart from the South stand that will be built if we go up. I am sure that the fans are ready for it now because we have endured some really tough seasons in the lower leagues and as a club that has never had much success in climbing the leagues it would be tremendous for the whole town to see the club get there.

Of course, there is the slight problem of getting the run-in right and winning those final games to get the automatic promotion or play-off place. Like most I suspect, I would rather get an automatic place but as this is now looking difficult I have made sure that I am free on 19 May just in case I need to visit Wembley. It would be a great day to see AFCB go up in that way, although the prospect of defeat at that stage would be devastating.

Well, it looks like most of you feel that AFCB will at least be heading to Wembley way or indeed automatic promotion by our poll on the teams to go up. We are in the mix as Eddie would say. The prospect of a long season and a trip to Wembley feels pretty good to me.

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