Friday, 11 July 2014

AFCB show first live match on YouTube 2-2 with FC Copenhagen

Match Report
FC Copenhagen 2 v 2 AFCB

AFCB offered supporters the chance to view this match live on YouTube for free which was another first for the club. The numbers steadily reached 500 then 1225 as we approached the 5.30 kick off and while all we could hear was the wind for a while the Cherries looked great in their new home kit, while FC Copenhagen were all in white. AFCB just had the names on their shirts and no numbers on their backs. The sound was a bit iffy and no commentary but we could hear the shouts of the players.  Alongside was a commentary box for fans and while there were some interesting comments I won't repeat any of them here.

AFCB won the first two corners and looked threatening with Adam Smith having an early shot blocked. Matt Ritchie hit the deck twice in short succession but got up okay. AFCB's movement looked a class above the Danish side. AFCB had lined up 3-5-2 from what I could see and had a third corner on 12 minutes. FC Copenhagen had to play almost as a sweeper a couple of times to cut out through balls.

No22 got a yellow on 22 minutes for a two-footed challenge on Arter which Harry was none to pleased about. Wilson then had a long range effort deflected wide for another Cherries corner. FC Copenhagen then won a foul on the left wing as their no11 went down. The viewers were now up to 1473 as we approached 30 minutes.

Smith won a direct free kick then in a good position outside the box, but it was driven high and wide. It was at this point that I saw they were playing with a World Cup Brazuca ball. While AFCB had most of the ball there had been no clear chances up until this stage. Another AFCB corner came on 36 minutes but nothing came of it.

FC Copenhagen had a free kick on 38 minutes, but it was chipped straight out by No 24. Elphick was a bit more busy now making clearances as the Danish team got into the game. There were 1571 viewers by the time we had got to 40 minutes. AFCB then scored and because of the buffered streaming most of us probably missed it. Apparently Ritchie scored.

I turned on the link for the second half to see the score was 1-1. Then within a few second the ball was on the spot and FC Copenhagen had made it 2-1. Don't you just love buffered live streaming! I was then Re-tweeting the second half link as many fans had missed FC Copenhagen's link for teh second half. Flahavan, Francis, Cook, Daniels, Fraser, O'Kane, Pitman, Macca, Bingham, Rantie and McQuoid were on second half. It was the Danes now giving AFCB the run around. With the hour mark approaching FC Copenhagen's no10 tested Flahavan to his right, but Flav's got down well. Rantie stole in on the right wing on 63 minutes and pulled a good ball back but no AFCB player could get on to it. Flav's now down again to his left. Charlie Daniels seemed intent in running into people rather than going round them. Second half viewing figures were over 2000 now, so I think I did my bit in getting the numbers up.

Francis was chipping balls in deep behind the FC Copenhagen defence, but AFCB's midfield was struggling to keep the ball. O'Kane did not seem to be getting into the game much. We had reached the 70 minute mark. A free kick was pumped up to FC Copenhagen's no22 he twisted and turned and just smashed his effort over. Bingham then pounced on some sloppy play from the Danes and made it 2-2. Fraser then had the keeper at full stretch on 75 minutes after a great little run on the right. It was end-to-end now and 32 put in a ball across AFCB's six yard box that almost provided a goal, but it was put out for a corner.

Pitman was next to have a deflected shot go close on 77 minutes after some good work by Bingham. A sweeping move through the right side of the field then almost saw O'Kane trick his way through but his shot went just wide of the right post. It was good interplay with Rantie involved. Rantie was then taken down with just seven minutes left on the clock, but a long way out from goal. Daniels was having a bit of ball control issues, but the ball was mainly at AFCB players' feet as we entered the last five minutes. 

For all the moaning about the buffered streaming there were some 2276 dedicated viewers watching the game at this point. FC Copenhagen had a free kick 25 yards out wide on the right but only saw the ball quickly cleared by the reds. The whistle went with 89 minutes on the clock but we'll give the ref the benefit of the doubt.

Top of the AFCB goal scoring chart go Ritchie and Bingham - bet you did not expect that. You can still vote on our poll for first team top scorer by the way - see the panel on the right.

I thoroughly enjoyed the live stream as an experiment and I hope that AFCB consider doing it again some time. While I only saw two of the four goals go in it was entertaining and just great to see AFCB players back on the pitch. I thought Arter had a particularly string first 45 minutes and when Rakish Bingham came on in the second half he played very well. I am not sure how much Eddie Howe will have learnt from the game, but  at least those that played got 45 minutes under their belt against a competent side that caused AFCB plenty of problems. I am interested to hear what Tommy Elphick will say in his diary.

AFCB 1st half
Buchel, Smith, Elphick,Harte, Cargill, Ritchie, Arter, Gosling, Kermorgant, Pugh, Wilson

AFCB 2nd half
Flahavan, Francis, Cook, Daniels, O'Kane, Pitman, MacDonald, Bingham, Rantie and McQuoid.

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