Thursday, 10 July 2014

Talking up Cherries' chances is it healthy?

So the fixtures are out and we can start wondering how well we think AFCB will do. There have been a few comments made about the Cherries this summer that have talked up their chances of doing well next season. The current players could be 'legends' according to Willo. Indeed they could, but does all the mutterings of players being some of the best we have seen at Dean Court really help? Or does it just heap more pressure on them when things may well start off not as well as last time out?
Things were looking okay last season but Yeovil showed AFCB that the
Championship can spring up surprise results. 

I tend to favour backing the team no matter how poorly they are doing as I am a fan and I want them to do well no matter who wears the shirt. I think the levels of expectation though should be calmed a bit until AFCB are in a position that suggests they could be one of the contenders for the Premiership next time around. We have seen a lot of players come in to Cardiff City, while Norwich City, Fulham, Derby and Brighton plus perhaps some others will be fancied more than AFCB to lead the Championship. There will also be some teams that were disappointed with last season and their chairmen and managers will be desperate to see their teams challenge further up the league. 

I think that some times we forget that the Cherries did exceedingly well last season and it will be difficult to repeat that level of performance let alone improve on it. We all want a good season and we have can enjoy that fact that we will see the new signings in the next few weeks. So I am holding fire on the expectation front for the moment and I won't be underestimating the opposition.

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