Friday, 18 July 2014

Can Flahavan and Buchel put any pressure on Camp?

When it comes to goalkeepers every club has a clear number one who they want to see hold the keepers jersey for most of the season. It is no different at AFCB. Lee Camp is the prime candidate to fill that role on last season's performances and I have no doubt he will do an excellent job. But will Flahavan and Buchel be able to push him hard enough for that place to have a realistic chance to wear the jersey for more than a couple of league cup games?

Darryl has not been between the sticks for a while now for AFCB.
I do hope that Eddie Howe gives Buchel or Flahavan a chance to perform in some of the cup games. While I want AFCB to progress as far as they can in all competitions I don't think that a season sitting on the bench is really good for any one and while the Development squad will have some proper competition this season, I don't think anything beats playing in the first team for sharpness and experience. 

Benjamin Buchel is an international keeper for Lichtenstein and should be pushing to get ahead of Flahavan to see if he can be the number two keeper. Unless you have been able to watch Dorchester or Poole Town though last season you probably won't have seen much of the 25-year-old keeper. My first real look at him was the FC Copenhagen live stream game and the ball was not down his end too much in the first half. I see that he also played against Eastleigh in mid-week as Lee Camp is still getting back to full fitness. If some of you have seen Buchel play regularly let us know what you think of his performances - could he step up in a goalkeeping crisis?

Lee Camp has a great presence about him and put in some
great performances last season. I feel really confident with him in goal.
Darryl Flahavan has also had his problems in being injured for a lot of last season even if he made an incredible penalty save at Elland Road last season. He will perhaps have the chance to play some games this season now that Ryan Allsop has gone out on loan, but it can't be easy for any number two knowing that you have to wait to come off the bench and have to be ready straight away to take over if required. I think an experienced keeper is always best for that role and Darryl will no doubt be talking to Lee and Benjamin as much as he can when he sees things that might help them.

Lee Camp will have all the pressure on him to perform though, week in and week out. He has shown how his confidence has added steel to the defence and he will be looking to earn more clean sheets this time around. I expect him to win a couple of man of the match awards, because on his day he can really make the difference for AFCB.     

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