Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Anfield will only be good if we win

Those were the words of captain Tommy Elphick after the Aston Villa defeat. The sense of occasion of the first game could not really be held back and even with a trip to Anfield there is a sense that - isn't it great that AFCB are going to such a famous ground? But that all has to be wiped away. This is a business of getting results and going to enjoy the spectacle of the stadium and the surroundings where such great players have played is enchanting but AFCB want and need points and that's what it's about now.

Tommy will be enjoying every minute of playing at
Anfield against his favourite team.
Gone are the romantic days of being pleased to be on the pitch with leading international players from great clubs, if AFCB want to stay in this league they have to toughen up and know that they can get results, and to post a win against a top side is what they must do as soon as possible to get up and running this season.

"We've drawn a line under the fairytale now," said Tommy Elphick. Tommy is right in saying that the big occasions have to inspire in another way now as to bring out the best in AFCB's players. Respect is fine but the Cherries want to win, and not be spectators.
Tommy is looking forward, not backwards now.

Beating Liverpool would mean everything to AFCB players and fans alike. But it's no good just dreaming. The team will have to do everything right if it is to come away with anything from this fixture.

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