Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Grabban unsettled at Norwich

The news that Lewis Grabban decided that he would leave the Norwich team ahead of their Capital One Cup game against Rotherham after being told he would only be a sub was surely a calculated decision to show his annoyance in Norwich's rejection of AFCB's latest bid for the striker. Why Lewis doesn't just fill in a transfer request is perhaps an indication of how much things have broken down with himself and Alex Neil. National newspaper and TV reports indicate that AFCB are still keen on landing Grabban before the transfer window closes having already tables at £5.2 million bid plus a £1 million add on clause if the Cherries stay in the Premier League at the end of this season.  
Lewis Grabban went AWOL last night after finding he
was a sub for Norwich's Capital One match.
Lewis was reported as trying to call Alex Neil to push the transfer through yesterday afternoon but the manager would not answer the striker's calls. Neil says that AFCB's valuation is nowhere near that Norwich believe their striker is worth but Grabban surely does not have much of a future left at Norwich while Alex Neil is still the manager. If Lewis really wants a move he will surely slap a transfer form in now and AFCB have certainly been given every indication they need to know that Lewis is more than tempted to return to the south coast.

This story is likely to continue and while AFCB will not comment on their transfer targets, the potential addition of Lewis Grabban could determine whether the Cherries would need to make any further bids for other strikers.


  1. Do we really want someone capable of such unprofessional & quite frankly, pathetic behaviour?

  2. No we don't, and he's not a 5 million player.

  3. His reputation is shot to pieces. If we don't take him, I doubt anyone above league 1 will. Such a stupid hing to do.

  4. So unprofessional, only been in the premier league a matter of weeks and already acting like a spoilt brat, may well find it hard to get anyone to take him now, not a £5m player.

  5. Unprofessional, calculating and misguided