Sunday, 30 August 2015

Mings was just unfortunate

You have to feel for Tyrone Mings having waited all this time to make his Premier League debut at home and only seeing six minutes of the game before he sustained an injury that saw him stretchered off against Leicester City. While Tyrone will have been delighted to get on the pitch his luck certainly was no better than Charlie Daniels and it looks like AFCB fans are going to have to wait some time before Tyrone stretches his long legs out on the left wing again.
Tyrone was reported on crutches shopping yesterday,
so just maybe he will not be out for as long as first feared. The details on his
scan should be made public soon.
What action Tyrone did see was pretty much limited to seeing Robert Huth give him a hand off after Callum Wilson had seen the ball blasted at him when he was on the ground. He did get to make a few touches and ventured into the Leicester half, but it was hardly a Premier League debut to saver. It will be the road to rehabilitation now for Mings and while that might be difficult in itself he will probably be in a way a little comforted by the fact that he won't be alone as there are plenty of AFCB players that are in a position where they could be missing some games.

Such periods though come to all professionals and like we have seen with Harry Arter it is not always as simple as one hopes when making a diagnosis and regaining fitness. Let's just hope that Tyrone makes a speedy recovery and gets to compete with Charlie Daniels again soon as that competition was certainly making the left side of the field much stronger for AFCB. 

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