Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Premier League is a big challenge

Back in May when AFCB won promotion to the Premier League it was easy to sit back and say we'll take it with storm. Now the  project is a bit closer, players have been signed and we'll soon find that the Cherries are being tested in every aspect of their game. But I don't want AFCB's players to be nervous or anxious, I want them to go at this challenge with enthusiasm and mastery. They do as Charlie Daniels says "have to up their game," and I know they can do that.

Charlie is aware that the Cherries have to up their game.
Improving on the pitch is what this club has done for the past seven or more seasons. It has now built itself a reputation and it should not want to give that up, but rather take the club to a standard where it has never been before. In the Championship it was evident that the club needed to become more professional and to concentrate its efforts on enjoying the games and let the football do the talking for the club. Now that has been recognised, not only by the fans and the outside world but also by the clubs that it is about to take on in the Premier League. They won't make it easy for AFCB's players.

We're in for a bit of a fight or a rough ride at times and we'll have to forget the thoughts of it's just nice to be in the Premier League. It's the wins that AFCB need to get to make this season one that is not merely a blink in the statistics in our record books but a solid foundation to the club being seen as more than a passing dream. But this team already has the style of football to upset other teams and is beginning to look more and more like a Premier League set up. It will be there come what may in August and when that day comes it will be historic and nervy, but I am hoping that the hours on the training ground now can equip the AFCB players with all the confidence they need to play with freedom and courage. Eddie Howe always does a great job in preparation. We will be supporting them all the way.

It is good to see that not all of you think AFCB will hit the buffers by the votes cast on the Cherry Chimes poll for where AFCB will finish. It almost feels like job done, but reaching the Premier League is simply a standard that the players and staff are now able to compete at. There are other goals that can be achieved and I am pleased to see that the club has also done many things away from the pitch that have also won awards. 

Pleasingly the town has something to be very proud of now and if that means when strangers say "Bournemouth?" and then reply - "Oh, yes that great football team!" rather than saying "I once had a holiday there - lovely beach," then you'll know that you've been a part of that changing image as supporters that have helped lead the team to this level.

But when it comes to Bournemouth's biggest asset, my thoughts come back to Eddie Howe, and I just hope he is as fond of us as we are of him when others coming knocking on his door, for they surely will next season when the Cherries set about their business on the pitch and receive even more accolades and plaudits. UTCIAD!

Transfer news: Josh Carmichael and Joe Quigley have joined Torquay United on a month's loan.

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