Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Ibe's been teriffic

I am wondering if there is a more popular player than Jordan Ibe at the moment for Bournemouth fans. Yes, we all have our personal favourites but there was almost a euphoric roar in unison when Ibe got his winning goal against Arsenal. If Ibe was going to get a goal it had to be a big one and to score against the Gunners to lift Bournemouth up to 13th in the table was probably as good a goal as he could have wished for in terms of its meaning for the team.
Ibe seems to like playing in a front three.
I think Ibe will always frustrate and please in equal wonderment. He is a player that tries things and sometimes not at the right time and not in the right place. But he is going to get notice din games as he wants to be involved and I like that about him. He could stay out wide and just try and beat his man to get a cross in, but he wants to do more and he is skillful enough to do more. Pleasingly, Eddie Howe is letting him express himself and has been perhaps looking to see how the team can better use Ibe to more effect. I wanted Ibe to play more in the centre and by using a three man attack Howe enabled Ibe to do that and his goal of course came from him drifiting off an Arsenal player into a central area.

It's certainly working and I'm as pleased as anyone to see Ibe finding the game a little easier to play now. I am sure it has taken a lot of hard work and yet, now that he has got to this stage it is important that he doesn't think he has done everything. If he keeps learning he could become an even better player and more of a match winner. I think that is what Ibe wants to be but he has found it hard to find his place in the team. He is being excepted for what he is and that is a player that will make the crowd gasp and sigh. He's more than an impact player he is one of those players who can inspire and I think the form of Ibe is picking his team-mates up.

Ibe is probably an unlikely hero from where he started off this season, but he fully deserves the recognition he is getting now. I also think it is probably to his benefit that he doesn't know how good he could become, but there is no doubt that he is turning his career at AFCB around and you have to applaud him for that. One goal is a start, but the assists and the work rate are just as important and he is setting the standard for other now which is great.

In other news, Matt Butcher signs a new deal with the club. 

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