Saturday, 25 May 2019

Would it be a mistake to let Mings leave?

This coming Bank Holiday Monday, Tyrone Mings is expected to be a central figure in trying to get Aston Villa to the Premier League in the Championship play-off final with Derby Country. Tyrone has been at Aston Villa since January, when their up-turn in form has pushed them towards their tilt at Premier League football. But what will happen after the match if Aston Villa do get promoted?
Tyrone could find he books a place in next year's Premier League but not
with AFCB if Aston Villa win on Monday and sign him in the summer on a permanent deal.
Tyrone is still a Bournemouth player and at first Eddie Howe may well have just wanted him to get out an play games having had a long-term injury. Whether it was in AFCB's mind to get him out on loan to try and get him to move club is not so clear. But Tyrone has never had a successful run of games in the starting just 11 for AFCB, and while has been excellent when he has played, the injuries have really held his AFCB career back. It could be a point in time where AFCB decide they can recoup some money for him by letting him move on.

I am sure Aston Villa would be an interested party, if Mings does want to move on, and if he were to play for Aston Villa in the Premier League it would be just reward for Mings who has been as unlucky as any player trying to play his football in the Premier League.


Bournemouth have a problem in defence themselves with conceding too many goals and I felt that Mings has the qualities to be a great player for AFCB.  While Chris Mepham and Lloyd Kelly have been brought in and while Jack Simpson has fought his way into selections, there doesn't seem the same opportunity for Tyrone. I always felt Tyrone was one of AFCB's best natural defenders and the fact that he could play left back as well as central back was a great flexibility that AFCB could have done with last season.

I fear the clock has just run on too long for Mings at AFCB and that he will go this summer. But if that is the case, I wish him much better luck than he has had with injuries at AFCB.

In other news, Mark Travers has fractured his thumb in Portugal training for the Republic of Ireland. He is out of Rep Irelands two forthcoming Euro 2020 qualifiers.


  1. We're obsessed with Mings at Villa, and I have no doubt if you let him go to us permanently he would be the biggest defensive legend at the club since Martin Laursen. In fact both Laursen and Mings have had long term knee injuries, and we can see the same determination in Mings that we saw in Laursen to come back. Ultimately Laursen retired from his injuries, but he was a real warrior and we see the same desire in Mings to overcome the same problem.

  2. Mings doesn't seem to have a proper chance at AFCB. I imagine Bournemouth are waiting to see if Ake stays. My overall feeling is that we can't afford to lose this type of talent.