Saturday, 15 June 2019

Have AFCB dropped interest in Liverpool defender?

Nathaniel Clyne was a major part of the second half of Bournemouth's Premier League fourth season. Having come in on loan to cover for the injury to Simon Francis, he soon found his way into the team and seemed to get to grips with the AFCB style of play fairly quickly. But while I believe most Bournemouth fans were impressed enough by what they saw of Clyne, here we are in June and there has been no news of AFCB filing a bid with Liverpool for the England international.

Will we see Clyne in a Bournemouth shirt in 2019/10?
There could be many reasons why we have not heard more about a move for Clyne. Liverpool could be holding out for the best offer. Bournemouth might have ruled him out over salary demands or the potential transfer fee. Eddie Howe might have decided he's not what the team needs.

But hold on a second. AFCB let in a massive amount of goals last season and how many was Clyne responsible for? Not too many in my book. Do Bournemouth need to improve their defence? You bet, and would Bournemouth find another player who knows how AFCB works and plays to fit in at the start of next season as well as Clyne? 

It may seem a no brainer to some of us fans, but AFCB usually do their best to get transfers over the line quickly in the first few weeks of the summer. That is what disturbs me about Clyne. There simply hasn't been enough talk and gossip about the player on the south coast and it could be because AFCB are held up in trying to sign another Liverpool player (Harry Wilson) as well like they did when Jordan Ibe and Brad Smith joined the club.  

If AFCB are pinning their hopes on a double deal, it could end up a summer that is filled with missed opportunities. While AFCB seem intent in signing young players, there is some kind of safety in signing one player at least who is an established player in the Premier League and I had hoped that Clyne would be that player. Now I'm not so sure.

In other news, Norwich and Leeds are reported to be interested in a Mark Travers loan move next season, according to the Irish Sun. Jefferson Lerma is expected to be involved in the Cupa America match between Colombia and Argentina tonight.

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