Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Away performances are nearly there for AFCB

Bournemouth still haven't picked up any points this calendar year away from home and Eddie Howe hadn't quite got it right in these games, but we can see the players are getting closer to turning things around and gaining the all important points from games. I don't think there is a mental block any more with away performances, the team did their best to take their top game to Liverpool. Circumstances again prevented them from getting the result they wanted but some of those circumstances were undoubtedly down to AFCB's own game.
Back at home on Saturday, where points have been easier to come by.
What was pleasing was to see Bournemouth really go at Liverpool and create so many chances. When Callum Wilson scored it gave the team a belief that they could do it again. While Nathan AkΓ© and Ryan Fraser came very close to getting a second goal on the scoreboard, the game just ran away from Bournemouth in the end. If it had ended 2-2 though, I don't think Liverpool could have complained that much.


Sometimes you don't get the points you feel you deserve in games, but it shouldn't stop Bournemouth doing many of the right things that were giving them such a god chance to win the game. The counter attacks were well constructed and considering we have sen on there games away from home with Callum Wilson looking very isolated, this wasn't the case at Anfield.

Part of the reason for Bournemouth looking more slick I felt was the contribution of Lewis Cook. He has had a couple of games now to get into his stride and he is starting to play the passes that put opposition teams on the back foot. He did make a mistake which led to ManΓ©'s goal, but you have to have a player who takes risks to try and make a difference.

Bournemouth know their away game is much more competitive now. So they can rest on the knowledge that if they can push Liverpool then they have the game to trouble other teams away from home.

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