Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Begovic anticipates summer feast of football

While there are all the negative thoughts swelling around how to deal with COVID-19, Asmir Begovic has spoken out on saying how we can use the period when sport returns to fall back in love with football. He doesn't want a null and void season but rather fancies a football feast with multiple games every week.
Begovic keeps his eye on the Premier League even though he is currently playing in Italy.
I like Begovic's optimisim. Perhaps goalkeepers are more prone to get excited about many games in a week as they don't have to do quite as much running around as the outfield players. The on loan Begovic, at Inter Milan, is right about one thing though - playing behind closed doors is just not great for the players or the fans. It is important that the football authorities understand that the fans are an important part of the game. If they don't get that then we might as well as by online subscriptions and forget about turning up at our local ground. Armchair football is not what supporters live for all the time. You can't beat watching your team play in front of you and that's what we want to get back to when it is safe to do so.

It will be all ears on the UEFA meeting when we hear what their thoughts will be, but it is great to hear as many views as possible in this time that we have before early-April to try and make sure the right decisions are made. 

Optimism aside, we have a long way to go  to get to that stage of seeing games in the Premier League again with the government not supporting mass events with policing or health care, as well as advocating social distancing, and I am sure more important things are on most people's minds at the moment. Football can take a rest and we could find that some good comes out of this period, even if it doesn't seem like that at the moment.


In other news, Media Referee is claiming that Napoli are keen on taking Nathan AkΓ© in the summer to Serie A.

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