Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Howe can only concentrate on his players and preparing for Newcastle United

The current situation is difficult for everyone. We got a small insight into what it might be like for Eddie Howe though, as he broke his silence at long last on AFCBTV. Eddie Howe was keen to be seen to support the Premier League's decision for the suspension of the league and yet he was perhaps not going to take his foot off the pedal in terms of his preparations for future games, which could theoretically come as quickly as 4 April for AFCB.
The Newcastle game may seem a long way off but Eddie Howe has to start preparing for it just in case.
Eddie explained how the training ground was strangely quiet and that football had to all intense and purposes stopped at Dean Court. Keeping the players fit is going to be somewhat out of Eddie's control, with the exception of the players having their own personal fitness schedules to try and stick to. We might have thought that Eddie would be twiddling his thumbs under such circumstances, but that would be very far from the truth.


The research goes on. Preparing for Newcastle United, whether it happens or not on 4 April is the best way that Howe and his staff can focus their minds on a positive way forward. It makes the thought process simple and undistracted with worries about the fans and health of everyone which are constantly on everyone's minds, but it gives an escape from what we all know is happening and gives Howe a chance to do something that is familiar to him, and in that way probably relaxing for him.

While the Newcastle United game may seem a million miles away from us, it is good to know that the club is doing all it can to be prepared. The addition of a couple of players returning to fitness who might not have been available for the Crystal Palace and Wolves game could be very important for Bournemouth. But time spent now on preparation and goals to achieve, are likely to make all the difference if the season does play to a finish in the summer.

On other news, UEFA not only postponed the European Championships until 2021 but has somehow tried to insist that all domestic leagues will be completed by 27 June 2020.

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