Saturday, 28 March 2020

Is Adam Smith wasted at left-back?

This season we have seen more players having to move about to fill different positions than I am sure Eddie Howe would have liked. Bournemouth do have what many would term utility men and perhaps the most prone to being requested to do a job for the team is usually Adam Smith.
Adam Smith best as a right back?

I think Adam finds it hard to get a break. Even when he plays well and has had a good run at right back, the emergence of Jack Stacey gave Eddie Howe a problem this season. It was Adam Smith who was again asked to move and to pay on the left side. But while Smith can do a good job in midfield on the right and left and at the back on both sides, it must be disconcerting for the player to find himself being moved and having to reestablish connections with players nearest to him when he was getting use to being on the other side of the pitch.


Even Adam Smith has picked up his fair amount of injuries this season and his form has been in and out, which is no doubt not helped by playing in different positions. It would surely be beneficial for Adam to get a season of playing in a regular position for the majority of games. While a player can't really complain if he is being picked, there must be a position that Adam prefers more than most and I wonder how much Howe stretched the players' minds to think they can play just as well anywhere on the pitch. If the players do well then, all is well and good. But if they get depressed in not playing where they feel they are best, as we have seen with Josh King then it does provoke some resentment.

While I think Adam Smith can do a job at left-back, I don't think he looks as comfortable there as say Diego Rico, and if Bournemouth are to maintain a good chance of staying up, I hope in the remaining games that players like Adam Smith are put in their best positions.

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