Monday, 11 July 2016

If Eddie became England manager it would shatter AFCB

I want England to choose the best manager they can for the job. If that is Eddie Howe and he wants to do the job, I wish him all the best, but it would cause mad panic in AFCB's immediate future and I don't think it is a club that needs that at this crucial stage in its development. Personal ambition and the club that Eddie Howe loves were always bound to conflict at some stage, but with the players that have recently joined the club and for the plans to succeed to take AFCB to a second safe season in the Premier League, Eddie Howe is needed at the helm with Jason Tindall beside him.

The Cherries need to have a contingency plan though just in case Eddie Howe is swayed by any popular outburst for him to be the new England manager. That means having some potential managerial coaches on a wish list for the future, and it is hard to see any obvious candidate for the club even though there would be plenty of interested people who would love a crack at the job.
Will Eddie have to choose between club and country?
The players that are now assembled at AFCB have been brought in to play in a style that Eddie wants and he is the man that would be most likely to get the best out of them as they are here because he wanted them. Any change in that relationship causes worry and doubt and it would be tragic to see the Cherries lose their way without the vision that Howe has been able to give the side.

Loyalty to your country and loyalty to the club that has seen you bring success is no easy call for any manager linked with the England job. While I think Eddie would love to do the England job, I think even he knows it is too soon at present. He would not have quite so many young players to work with as he does at AFCB and he would not be out on the training pitch as often which is a main part of the game that he loves. 

For once, I bet I am not the only AFCB fan to say today - wouldn't anyone else make a great England manager! 

Euro 2016 Surprise, surprise - congratulations Portugal!

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  1. I totally agree, although I would love to see Eddie take charge of England, and think he would make a success of it, I also think waiting another year or two would be better. He could raise his profile even more making AFC Bournemouth a top prem club, and making his case for being England manager even more obvious. Either way I back him, if he feels ready, but Hoddle would be good for England in the mean time in my opinion.