Sunday, 10 July 2016

Jordan Ibe can build his career at AFCB

When you consider that a player like Jordan Ibe would have thought he had made it when he took to the field for the first time in Liverpool's first team, it must be a hard decision for him to leave such a huge club. I'd want to think long and hard about moving anywhere if I were him, but Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool did not turn the bid for him down and at AFCB Jordan would find regular football and would immediately be seen as on of the stars of the show. It's still Premier League football and no doubt AFCB will more than match his wages.

The Cherries pulling power has never been flexed as much as it is right at this moment. Leeds Utd fans have been disappointed to see one of their leading lights snatched from their clutches and now some players at bigger clubs are having to reassess what is on offer at AFC Bournemouth. Some are grasping the opportunity like Nathan AkΓ© and Emerson Hyndman and as the Cherries make even more significant inroads into striking a higher position in the Premier League perhaps some of the perceptions of AFCB outside the club will start to catch up with where us fans and Eddie Howe's vision of where AFCB are headed.
On which side of the fence will Jordan Ibe end up - Liverpool or AFCB? 
Jordan Ibe will come to his own conclusions and all I hope is that he has a very long talk with Eddie Howe and can see what a young and exciting squad is being built on the south coast. Small fish, big pond or big fish, small pond? It is something that lots of players have to grapple with and to reach the next level it is no surprise to me that AFCB are reaching out for players that would have seemed beyond their means only a season ago. The money in the Premier League has changed everything and Leicester City have shown that the big clubs can be beaten on a regular basis. It must be unsettling for the Man Utds, Arsenals, and Man Cities - some have already moved by bringing in fresh managers and players that are not performing will trickle down to other clubs.

It's a new era and players like Jordan Ibe I hope will see that embracing a new challenge does not have to be daunting - it can be liberating and joyous when he sees how many happy faces he would see if he steps out at Dean Court.

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  1. Things may be more complicated until the next England manager is appointed as the speculation is now that Eddie is one of the candidates for the job and whilst the a traction for young players is playing for an outstanding coaching and managerial talent. .he may not be around in a few weeks time.

    If I was a player looking to come to us I would just hang fire